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Growing up in North Haven, it never occurred to me that I would one day be working right on the town green that I’ve...

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Paul Morrone |
Becoming a homeowner has been quite the ride for Rachel and I. We've been knee-deep in renovations, relying heavily on the support of our loved ones, and even had to tackle a snowstorm. Through it all, our dog Mason has been taking everything in stride, proving to be the ultimate companion.
Paul Morrone |
As the old saying goes, everything happens for a reason. Sometimes you realize it almost immediately, sometimes it takes the benefit of hindsight to put the puzzle pieces together. This past week was an example of the former in our house. We had planned to go south to enjoy some warm weather during the wet and dreary winter we’ve been having for a long weekend with the kids. As anyone living in Florida will tell you, the weather has been less than ideal for the past few months and the beach/pool weather we are yearning for just wasn’t in the forecast. In lieu of dragging the kids and all their stuff down to Florida for a weekend of cool weather, we decided on a staycation instead.
Paul Morrone |
I have always enjoyed a nice glass of wine. It does not matter where the wine is from, what type of grape or grapes are used, from what year the grapes were harvested or how much it costs. What does matter is how the wine tastes. To go into your local liquor store/wine shop and attempt to find the right bottle of wine for whatever the occasion can be a daunting task. The same can hold true when reviewing the wine list while dining out at your favorite restaurant. Hopefully, you recognize something on the list that you have tasted before. But, if you do not recognize anything, what do we order? Of course, you can ask the server and if you are lucky, you have a good server that understands the wines available and can be of assistance in navigating through the list. A good server should ask you questions. What will you be eating? Do you have a preference between white, red, or rose? Is the price a concern for you? Without these answers, be weary of any recommendation. While there is no silver bullet to help with these dilemmas, (these are great problems to have by the way) there is a process to help ease the burden and educate yourself on the wine “juggernaut”. Attend a wine tasting.