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I grew up in a family business and at an early age I learned the importance of hard work, providing an elevated level of...

Director of Investment Strategy

Tom has been dedicated to serving clients in the financial service profession for the past 35 years. His experience...

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Paul Morrone |
Over the years while driving a vehicle, I have been accused of having a bit of a “lead foot.” That may be true but there is something about testing the capabilities of a vehicle that is exciting. There are times when excitement from events unrelated to the driving of the vehicle create the lead foot syndrome. One example of exactly that circumstance will be forever in my memory banks.
Paul Morrone |
Just over a month ago, things felt really bad - to put it bluntly - and it seemed that there was no coming back from where we were. Anxiety and fear were rampant, and many people were nothing short of freaked out. COVID case counts and death rates were skyrocketing, financial markets were melting down and jobs were vaporizing in just about every industry as a global lockdown was put in place. Those preaching the next apocalypse certainly had a valid argument.
Paul Morrone |
That is certainly an article title I never thought I’d write, not seriously, at least. However, as we enter (what we hope to be) the last leg of our state shutdowns, were looking for more creative ways to kill time, stay sane and keep healthy now that there is nothing left to clean. I figured I’d share some creative ideas that we’ve been doing personally and some of the things our clients have shared with us that have helped them stay safe and entertained over the past few weeks.