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Tom has been dedicated to serving clients in the financial service profession for the past 35 years. His experience...

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Paul Morrone |
I recently met a couple of my High School buddies, Paul and Jim for dinner and cocktails. We sat around and were having the “remember when” conversation for hours. We got lost in discussion about the past and would snap back into reality and be in the current day about whatever topic. We were sharing stories about our journeys through life, the good and the bad, and, up to this point and how thankful we all were for so many things
Paul Morrone |
My experience attending town or county fairs is limited to going to the North Haven Fair as a teenager. Growing up, we didn’t make annual trips to the Big E or even venture one town over to North Branford for the potato and corn festival. With fall rolling in and in our effort to enjoy some of the spectacular weather we’ve been having, Jill and I loaded up the car and headed to the Durham fair with Kyle.
Paul Morrone |
Flying out of Tweed used to be a thing in New Haven county. I have memoires of walking onto the tarmac with my family and flying down to Daytona beach to visit my grandparents for the week. We’ve come a long way since then, but it seems that as Bradley International Airport got bigger, Tweed got smaller. It would be a stretch to say that it is a shell of its former self, but flight availability out of Tweed is certainly limited. It was never as busy as JFK, but there are now a mere three commercial flights a day out of Tweed, all on American Airlines and all going to Philadelphia. I’m sure that local politics, money, residential pushback and airline consolidation has played a large role in this as well, but its sad that we aren’t fully leveraging this gem of a resource.