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I grew up in a family business and at an early age I learned the importance of hard work, providing an elevated level of...

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Tom has been dedicated to serving clients in the financial service profession for the past 35 years. His experience...

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Paul Morrone |
As the old saying goes, it takes a village to raise a child. In our case, it took a village to move us out of our old house and into our new one. We had a 24-hour turnaround from when we had access to the new house until we had to close on the sale of our old house. On moving day, we looked like the Clampett’s as they moved from the Ozarks to Beverly Hills, but fortunately we didn’t have to go nearly as far. In hindsight, it worked really well and forced us not to drag our feet, but in the moment, it was complete and utter chaos.
Paul Morrone |
We are a little over one third of the way through another winter season. Time seems to go a little slower in the winter and much faster in the summer. Maybe its me but that is how it feels. The shorter periods of daylight this time of year takes a toll on me as well. Now that we are gaining a little more daylight each day, I can see the “light at the end of the tunnel” so to speak. The colder weather seems to be harder and harder to cope with as I progressively get older.
Paul Morrone |
We’re (finally) moving. Halleluiah! In the world I live and work in, it’s a cardinal sin to wish for time to pass by quicker than it already does, but let me tell you I’m happy to break that rule temporarily. For the past 3 weeks, we have been packing, purging, organizing and boxing everything in our lives. I’ll put it bluntly: it sucks. I’m eating cereal out of a Tupperware, grilling with forks, reusing the same two plates for every meal, and spices – forget about it – those were packed two weeks ago