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Paul Morrone |
Yardwork was my household chore growing up. From the moment I was heavy enough to press down the safety button on the ride-on mower seat I was solely responsible for keeping up with the grass. For the first year or so, the mower would stall out periodically, especially if I hit a bump or sat too far forward because I was too light and would bounce up and down. At one point, I think we ended up taping that button down to mitigate the chance of stalling. Safety was a secondary concern back in the 1990s… But for me, cutting the grass wasn’t too much work. I was out there religiously on Saturday mornings – rain or shine – making sure that our front lawn looked like Yankee stadium. Especially those first few years, I even enjoyed it. Two decades later, it makes a little more sense because even at a young age I loved to drive anything I could get my hands on. And seeing as we didn’t have a go kart, the lawnmower was the only way I could get my fix. It didn’t quite scratch the itch, but it was better than nothing.
Paul Morrone |
On Sunday, February 5, 2023, during a full moon, at 5:47 PM, our daughter Kelly gave birth to Eleanor Catherine Mazzariello. This is old news to many of you but wanted to give some additional color and details. For those of you that are interested in learning some more about the event, please read on. Our granddaughter weighed in at 8 pounds, 9 oz. Both Kelly and Eleanor did great and are doing fine. When we got the text and picture of the new baby from Dave, Cathy and I instantly broke into tears of joy for so many varied reasons. We were so happy for Kelly and Dave as they began their parenthood journey. Selfishly, we were also so happy for us as our grandparents' journey expands in pink. The tears were for other reasons as well. Even though Kelly and Dave had picked out a name for their daughter in advance, they kept the name a secret. The name Eleanor Catherine addresses my mom, whose name was Eleanor and of course, Catherine after my wife. We were both so humbled by the gesture that will follow that cute little bundle of joy on her own journey throughout her life.
As we approach the first day of spring, it is a perfect time to reflect on the past winter and look forward to the warmer days ahead. This winter was an unusual one, with many of us experiencing a lack of snow and cold temperatures. Despite this, I am sure we can all agree that we are ready for the arrival of spring and all that comes with it. From the blooming of flowers to the return of outdoor activities and sports, the changing of the seasons is something that we can all appreciate. Baseball season is on its horizon, and I am looking forward to spending many warm days at the ballpark watching games.