Another 4th of July, But Totally Different

Paul Morrone |

Another 4th of July has come and gone. From a weather standpoint, it ended up to be a great weekend that allowed so many people to have their backyard barbecues and have gatherings with their family and friends. It was warm enough to go swimming but not too warm and muggy where it was uncomfortable to be outside. Of course fireworks were everywhere and the loud booms could be heard that sent our dog Buddy yelping and running for cover under the bed. With all those festivities going on all around, it was like so many 4th of July holidays in the past.  Except this year we did something totally different.

Last summer I wrote about Cathy’s sister Joan buying their parent’s house on Lake Beseck in Middlefield. My family and Cathy’s family have been going there for over 50 years and this is where I met Cathy when we were both teenagers. Over the last year, Joan and her husband Rick knocked down the original lake front home that was in the family for decades. They then retained an architect and designed a beautiful new home that now is constructed and sits in the location of the old family homestead. They moved in to their beautiful home last month and our still getting settled but our officially residing there. Cathy and I had the pleasure of having dinner with Joan and Rick on the 4th of July, outside on their new patio overlooking the lake.

We are excited for them as they begin another chapter in their lives together and they continue the life story of memories to be made at Lake Beseck. We created some new memories that night and after dinner the sky darkened and then was brilliantly lit up with fireworks displays all around the lake. We sat with our wine and were entertained for close to two hours. The fireworks were amazing. What was so much fun that night were the endless “remember when” stories. There were stories from when we were kids, stories about childhood friends, stories about our kids and stories about us now as adults and how all those stories happened at the lake. There were also visions of the years to come about what it will be like to spend their retirement years at the lake the way her parents did before them. We laughed so hard at times my side hurt. It was all good.

As Cathy and I were driving home that night, all we talked about was how happy we were for Joan and Rick in their new home. It was bitter sweet for Cathy at times because of how much she misses her parents. Cathy knows that her mom and dad would be happy that their summer home that created so many great memories for so many people will continue to be a happy place for so many years to come. I know that I will be part of those future memories and that makes me smile. Congratulations Joan and Rick!  We wish you many years of good health and happiness at Lake Beseck.

Until the Next Tom’s Take…