Another Summer Full of Memories

Paul Morrone |

When you live in the northeast it seems, at least to me, the summer is the shortest of the seasons but the season that many look forward to and enjoy the most. This past summer was no different. It feels like it was just Memorial Day and Labor Day has now come and gone in a flash. All of life seems to go that much quicker, especially when the weather is nice and you are having fun. Think back to last winter with the bitter cold and record setting snow fall. The days and weeks could not go by fast enough. It was late May and possibly early June before those large mounds of snow in the corners of parking lots melted away completely. It was certainly a memorable winter for those in the greater Boston area. We all were rewarded for all that pain and suffering through that winter with a fabulous summer of abundant sunshine and warm temperatures. With all that came some great memories.

No summer would be complete without a trip to NYC to visit our daughter Kelly and this past summer was no different. There is always a good time to be had, a great meal and certainly a cocktail or two. A Broadway show usually seems to work its way into our agenda as well. Taking the train to Grand Central Station is always exciting even though the trip has been done countless times before.

It was a great summer for all the typical outdoor activities including the pool and golf. My golf game was hampered by elbow surgery that I had in mid-May but I was back swinging the club mid-July. The surgery certainly got rid of my pain but did not help my golf game. Actually, nothing can help my golf game.

Cathy’s sister Joan and her husband Rick moved into their new home in the early part of the summer. We enjoyed several dinners and cookouts at their new home including the end of summer Labor Day party. We are happy that they are enjoying their new home. This summer also marked the 30th wedding anniversary for Cathy and I and our anniversary was the subject of previous writings. I am ready for 30 more. Our son Paul got married to his wife Jill and the wedding festivities were the culmination of close to a year of planning and coordination. It was so much fun. Our friends Rock & Anita married off their son as well on Labor Day weekend. That was another fun time. Cathy also had two of her nephews graduate from college. All good stuff!!

Some of the best times were just getting together with friends for dinner or having cocktails. Sometimes it was just sitting outside and enjoying a beautiful day. Other times it was simply taking Buddy for a nice long walk. It is not always about the destination but about the journey to get there. This past summer included some great milestones for our family and friends and it was wonderful to have enjoyed all those beautiful moments.

I truly hope you have some wonderful memories from this past summer.

Until the Next Tom’s Take…