A “Beautiful” NYC Weekend

Paul Morrone |

A “Beautiful” NYC Weekend

Recently armed with two free nights at the Marriott in Times Square, Cathy and I spent the Columbus Day weekend in NYC. We are always looking for an excuse to get to the city so having two free nights at a wonderful hotel made the decision very easy. To add to the excitement, we had purchased tickets to the Broadway musical, Beautiful. This play followed the amazing story of the fascinating career of song writer, singer and musician Carole King. Her music has always been special to me so knowing we were going to the show just added to the excitement and anticipation of the weekend.

Every time we go to NYC we try to eat at different restaurants and to see new areas of the city. One thing that we always do, no matter how many times we go, is we walk for blocks and blocks. I carry one of those Fitbits that tracks your steps and one day we walked over 8 miles. With so much to see and do the steps just keep adding up and it is hard to believe how far we actually walked. It is very obvious at night when my feet were pounding and legs were screaming. Also, the next day getting out of bed was like an Olympic event with all the sore muscles. The best thing to do was to stretch a little bit and hit the streets and get walking again.

No trip to the city would be complete without seeing Kelly for dinner. This trip was no different so one night Cathy and I hopped on the subway and went downtown to meet Kelly and her boyfriend Dave for a lovely dinner. The meal was delicious and the conversation was exciting. It is always fun to hear her stories about living and working in the city. She has a promising career that she really loves with a great company and is confident at work and also very comfortable in how she navigates around that crazy city. I miss that little girl in her that I remember but am so proud of the woman she has become and how she takes the world by storm.

Something else to round out our “Beautiful” weekend was Cathy’s sister Joan and her husband Rick trained in to the city and joined us for the day.  We had lunch from a selection of food trucks parked on a section of Broadway where the road was closed. There were so many delicious food options to choose from and the sweet tooth was taken care of as well. After some good eats, we walked around (still tracking those steps on the Fitbit) and shopped for a little while and then went to the play together. The show was fabulous and we were thoroughly entertained and often found ourselves singing along to the music. After the show we went for a delicious dinner to not only cap off a fantastic day but also to celebrate that Rick had just retired September 1st. Congratulations to Rick and enjoy your well-deserved retirement.

The weekend was beautiful for so many reasons and if you are a Carole King fan, I strongly recommend you have a “Beautiful” weekend as well!


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