Beauty of The Game of Golf

Paul Morrone |

By Preston Young

Before this summer, I was always playing a sport, whether that was baseball, basketball, softball or refereeing high school basketball. Now that I am older, have other responsibilities and work most of the day, my time for these sports and activities have slowly diminished. Well, if someone asked me 3 years ago if I wanted to golf, I would have laughed. Now, all my friends are into it, of course, Tom and Paul get their fair share of course time, my time for other activities has slowed, so, let’s try golf! One great thing about golf is that it can be played when you choose (unless you’re apart of a league) there is no schedule attached, no teammates counting on you to be at your next game or even required teammates. On any given day, night, or weekend I can drive to a local course and play a round of golf. 

The game of golf is relatively new to me, and it wasn’t until this year where I really started to care about it. I’m sure many of you remember your first season golfing being similar to mine. Before I went out on a course, I took a couple of lessons. I explained how I am new and am really looking to get the correct stance, grip, and form. The instructor did a really good job explaining the basics, showing me what I am doing wrong, right and things I should improve on, he even used pool noodles to show how my club path should look. He sent me home with homework and followed our lesson with an informative email. After about 3 more lessons and a couple days at the driving range, I put my limited ability to the test at a par 3 course nearby. While I lost more balls than I ever imagined, I had a great time. After this, I knew golf was a sport that I can get into as my skill for it is slim and I can challenge myself to get better.

Golf can be frustrating, but it will always be fun. This is the number one thing we must remind ourselves while out on the course, we are having fun! I have golfed with way too many people this year that think they are going pro and throw their club, bag, or hat after a bad shot. I never understood how people can get this mad when they are playing a game they chose to play! Think of all the other things we could be doing rather than being out in the beautiful weather playing a game. Just a couple of weekends ago I got paired with another two golfers, for me, this is a bit intimidating, because of my ability I may play slow or hit the ball nowhere near the pin. Either way, one of the guys showed his anger early, using many 4-letter words and throwing his clubs back in his bag after a poor shot. On the 4th hole, he missed about a 5-foot putt. As we were walking back to the carts, he smashed his putter on a tree and broke the shaft in two pieces. For my friends and I, we can make jokes after a bad shot, or a missed putt but not with this guy. The rest of the round was awkward, we didn’t know what to say and he was forced to use to his buddies putter. 

Since my first day out the par 3 course, I have gone to the course and driving range numerous times and am slowly getting better. Unlike many other sports for me, golf is difficult to pick up and get the hang of. Because of this, I really admire the skill level of professional. While continually going to the same course makes me feel comfortable because I know the holes and how the fairway/greens play, trying new courses is a lot of fun as well. The beauty of the game of golf is that it is a game, at the end of the day we’re grown men and women playing a game. Hopefully next year I can write about how much my golf game has improved. But for now, I will continue slicing drives and hitting ground balls but, in the end, it’s all for fun and that is the beauty. 

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