Buddy Loves Sauce

Paul Morrone |

By Tom Morrone, CFP ®, CPA, Principal

Well the adventures of Buddy never cease to amaze me. Our little 14 pound fur child is always doing something out of the ordinary to keep us on our toes. I still feel like a novice pet owner even though Buddy has been in our lives going on three years. Even his actions that he does on a routine basis, justifies our complete and full attention. After all he is a dog. For the most part he is a wonderful dog and he is fun to have around. He definitely expresses his emotions and it is also evident that he fully understands certain things that we are either talking about or commanding him to do. I am not saying he always listens but I truly believe he has a mind of his own and “listens” when he feels like it. He is just like a toddler at times. Like most dogs he loves his food and treats. We are always bribing him with a treat for whatever reason. We try to be the masters of his domain so we are always in control of what he eats. Well that is not always the way it turns out.

Cathy and I were having a nice Italian dinner one night at home. After dinner we agreed to leave the dishes on the table and sit and watch the evening news and then we would clean up in the kitchen. We always clean up the table and kitchen area after dinner so this was very unusual but what the heck. Anyway, we sat and watched the news and then got up from the couch to go clean up the dishes from dinner. To my surprise there was Buddy up on the chair with his hind legs on the seat and his front paws on the table. He was having a grand old time licking the plate clean of the remaining tomato sauce. Of course I yelled at him and in that split second he looked at me and then immediately went back to licking the plate even faster because he knew the party was over. When I picked him up and put him on the floor, I noticed that he had already licked the other plate clean and he was working on the second one. This means he jumped up on the chair, licked the first plate clean, jumped down and then jumped up on the second chair and was licking the second plate when he got caught in the act. He was being a sneaky little son of a gun. As mad as I was I had to laugh because being a white dog he now had a red face from all the sauce.  We gave him the cold shoulder the rest of the night.

In a previous newsletter I wrote about Buddy the trash picker. With that event we had no idea what he actually ate. At least this time we know that it was only some sauce that he ingested. For such a little dog he can be such a big handful. He always seems to be getting into some type of a mischievous adventure and it drives us crazy. Like I said, he is just like having a defiant toddler.

So from now on we will never leave dirty dishes on the table and stay with our previous process of always cleaning up the kitchen before sitting down to relax…even just to watch the news.

Buddy would like it otherwise!

Until the Next Tom’s Take…