Buddy Moves To Branford

Paul Morrone |

I have written several times over this past year about our decision to downsize, the selling of our house in North Haven and our move to Branford. Each of those actions or steps we had to take had so many additional steps or decisions to be made that there were some stressful moments that Cathy and I had to get through. Of course we did get through all of those tough situations and we have been enjoying our new home. We put so much thought into so many things as part of the more than a year long process. We thought about all the color selections, construction materials and styles, technology, landscaping and fencing, etc. We had so many onsite meetings with contractors and countless hours on the internet about different layouts and design elements throughout the house. There is a website called HOUZZ that was our go to place for many ideas. One thing that we also considered is that Buddy was moving with us as well and some design elements were done for him specifically.

There was some give and take when it came to what was more important. We did the “well it is good for us and bad for Buddy” conversation a few times but also the pendulum definitely swung in his direction occasionally as well. One item that was bad for Buddy was going from carpet to hardwood. You need to picture how Buddy in North Haven would run in a large circle around our family room, into our living room and back to the family room completing a big circle. We used to refer to this route that he would take as “horse racing”. He would fly like the wind, low to the ground cutting the corners with his ears flapping along the way. He would have great traction with his paws/nails against the carpet. Well, in Branford we have hardwood in our main living area so when Buddy tries to horse race he just slips and slides and really just gives up. He tries so hard to get traction but I wonder if he thinks, what happened?

Don’t get me wrong, he still has it pretty good at the Morrone residence. One huge benefit from the move to Branford is he has a fenced in yard where he can run freely and go out and do his business without being on a leash and being under our watchful eye. He loves that freedom and we benefit as well…..especially with the cold weather. We just open the door and off he goes. He is like the big cheese out there barking at the world or at anyone that comes anywhere near his home. It is pretty comical but I am sure he loves to run without supervision and come back inside when he is ready as opposed to when we want him to come back in the house. Even at night it is great because we just turn on the outside lights and can watch his activities. It is funny to watch him bark at the moon.

Our new neighborhood is very quiet and there are many new dog friends for Buddy to sniff. Even though the temperature has been cold we still take him for walks. With the nicer weather in the spring there will be many new adventures waiting for Buddy to discover in the area. Just like Cathy and I had to transition to learning the new house so has Buddy. He still is finding his little hiding places and cozy nooks and crannies to take a nap. His little nose is always sniffing his new surroundings.

I know that Cathy and I are happy in Branford and Buddy is yet to complain.

Until the Next Tom’s Take…