Congrats to Joan!

Paul Morrone |

As you probably already know, Joan Sullivan has retired after close to twenty years of working side by side with me and the last few years with me and my son Paul. There are so many events over that time period that we experienced together. We cried, we laughed, we were stressed, we hugged and we talked. Did I mention we laughed? There were good times and then there were bad times. There was sickness and there was health. It sounds like we were married and to some extent we were! The years went by in a flash but the memories that we created will be forever a part of me professionally and personally.

There were many changes over the years in both of our lives. We would always make time for each other to sit and talk......about whatever. Our conversations were open, honest, cordial and caring and we both knew there was an ear for listening need be. Joan was the same way with clients. She would listen and talk and laugh with them as well. She made everyone feel comfortable. It is a wonderful quality, a loving and caring motherly trait that makes up a big part of who she is. I am sure her family appreciates that quality.

As Joan enters a new chapter in her life, the timing of her retirement comes at a fabulous point in her daughter's life as well. Her daughter Lisa had a baby girl the week before Joan retired and Joan was right there with her daughter through the 30 hour harrowing event. I am certain that Lisa was happy to have her mom close by in addition to her husband Scott. Little baby Emma has no idea how lucky she is to have her parents, Lisa and Scott and to have her grandparents Paul and Joan. 

Joan, I am happy for you that you have retired with good health and a new addition to your family to love and nurture. I wish you and Paul many years ahead in retirement of continued good health and happiness to do all the things that you want to do. Enjoy your family, friends and life in retirement because you deserve it. Thank you for all the years of dedication, honesty and integrity. Joan will certainly be missed and will always be remembered. 

Until the Next Tom's Take…