Do You Know What QTR Stands For?

Paul Morrone |

We live in a world of acronyms and abbreviations. Certain letters can replace sentences or at a minimum bring to mind the full meaning behind the letters. Here are some that I think are easy and most will understand what they stand for. They are IRS, SUV, IRA, MPH, LOL, OMG, HD and VW. The easy ones are Internal Revenue Service, Sports Utility Vehicle, Individual Retirement Account, Miles per Hour, Laugh Out Loud, Oh My God, High Definition and Volkswagen. Ok, how about TTUS and BRB. These are still easy and stand for Talk to You Soon and Be Right Back. The hard one is QTR. Robin who is a friend of mine, asked me recently if I knew what it stood for and I just shrugged me shoulders.  Do you know what QTR stands for?

Well QTR may not be as standard of an abbreviation as the items previously mentioned but I believe it is the most profound. QTR stands for Quality Time Remaining. This can be interpreted a number of ways but I view it as facing your own mortality and what are you going to do with the rest of your unknown amount of QTR as we know life on this earth? The wild card here is good health. I know this might sound deeply philosophical but what the heck! Life is a one way ticket, not round trip, so if you do it right the first time, maximizing your QTR, a one way ticket should be more than enough.

Over the years I have worked with or been acquainted with many fabulous people. Looking back over the years and using all those relationships to learn from, one theme I have seen all too many times is people not maximizing their QTR.  Putting off that vacation, not updating the kitchen or bathroom and countless of items that continually get put on the back burner. Of course it is understood that doing any of these types of items should not jeopardize your ability to maintain your lifestyle for a reasonable life expectancy. 

I do not advocate spending money foolishly. Quite the contrary, spend your money very wisely and with proper planning and budgeting you should be able to have some fun and enjoy your QTR with those you love and care about the most. I have a T-shirt that says Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday….there is no Someday! This follows the same philosophy as QTR. It is so easy to put things off and I do not mean procrastination. I mean enjoying life, you only have one. What are you going to do with your QTR?

Until the Next Tom's Take...