Easter Egg Hunt

Paul Morrone |

By Thomas Morrone, CFP®, CPA

Who doesn’t like a good old fashioned Easter egg hunt? Religion aside, treats scattered about on the grass just waiting for some little, eager children to grab those treats and put them in their baskets or buckets and move on to the next. When I was a kid, the town of East Haven had their annual “hunt” on the town green complete with a visit from the Easter Bunny who would arrive on a fire truck. Some of the eggs that the town’s employees would scatter about would have coins taped to the back. A few other eggs would have a number written on a piece of paper. One lucky year, I scoped out an egg that had a quarter taped on the back. Twenty-five cents, 55 years ago to a 10-year-old boy was the jackpot. I also had an egg with a number on it. After the egg hunt was over, they announced the winners of the numbered eggs. In addition to my quarter which was now safely tucked into my pocket, I was the winner of an oversized Easter basket. It was the real deal, and my friends were jealous. First, I found an egg with a quarter on it and then I won the basket as well! I had to carry for the long walk home, the prize basket along with my “normal” basket filled with eggs I collected. I was smiling each step of the way.

OK, enough of remembering when. Fast forward to this past Sunday where Cathy and I met Paul & Jill with their boys Kyle and Ryan as well as Kelly & David and little baby Eleanor (8 weeks old now and her first Easter egg hunt). We met at New Haven Country Club for their annual hunt. After eating our lunch, and a Bloody Mary for Poppy, it was time for the hunt. It was cool with a brisk wind but none of the children seemed to mind. Kelly, David, and Cathy stayed inside where it was warm with Eleanor and watched from the window. Eleanor will have her share of hunts in the future. Outside, there was a three and older category and Jill and I took Ryan to that section. Paul took Kyle to the four and up category. When the word was given, off went the kids to gather their treats. All the brightly colored plastic eggs, filled with goodies, were strewn about on the lawn. Ryan did not know which egg to pick up first and he was so excited as he dropped each little plastic egg into his bucket. Fortunately for Ryan, there were not as many children in the three and under category, so he hauled in quite a load of eggs. Kyle held his own with the older kids and did very well also. All in all, they both were so excited, and it was so much fun seeing how excited they were.

We went back inside (the warmth felt good) and the boys opened up all their plastic eggs and inventoried the rewards of their efforts. Some of the treats went from egg, directly to mouth and never made the inventory group. That’s what a “hunt” is all about. As they were analyzing their treats, the Easter Bunny made an appearance. No fire engine arrival for this bunny, just a casual walk through. Kyle took a picture with the bunny but Ryan was not quite sure of the tall, furry, bunny creature so he just hung back in daddy’s arms until the bunny was out of sight. The boys went back to the table to re-examine their loot one more time.

Holiday and family traditions are always the same and are always changing at the same time. The core of the traditions stands true to many of the details. The changes that have and will continue to occur in the future, are what make life so wonderful. It is always the same and always different.

Not all celebrate Easter and understandably so. For those that do, Happy Easter and enjoy the traditions that you will celebrate. Also, embrace any new traditions that evolve with time.

Life is good!

Until the Next Tom’s Take…………………..

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