First Time Celebrating An Old Holiday

Paul Morrone |

By Thomas Morrone, CFP®, CPA

This past September 8th was National Grandparents’ Day. This is the first year that this holiday had meaningful significance to my wife and me. In years past, it was just another Sunday and hopefully the weather was enjoyable, and we did something fun. Congress passed the legislation proclaiming the first Sunday after Labor Day each year as National Grandparents’ Day and, on August 3, 1978, then-President Jimmy Carter signed the proclamation. After all, there is Mothers’ Day and Fathers’ Day so why night set aside a day for Grandparents as well? Our first grandparents’ day on Sunday the 8th, capped off what was a celebration of a weekend for a few reasons. First, Friday September 6th was Kyle’s first birthday so of course that was a celebration into itself. There will certainly be a separate newsletter about his party. After all, if not for him, it would have just been another Sunday. Secondly, on Sunday we were part of the planning for my brother in law Rick’s 70th surprise birthday party. The weather was beautiful, and the party was at a local brewery. There was plenty of beer and wine. There was also pizza and cake as well as live music. With a gathering of friends and family and throw in National Grandparents’ Day and you have a party.

In asking around at the party, it was about 50-50 of those I asked who knew that the surprise party was also National Grandparents’ Day. I made sure everyone was aware that we had something to celebrate in addition to the birthday. After all, this was my first one and hopefully will have many more in the future. Now when I say many more that can be thought of as a play on words. First, God willing in that I live for a long time to see many for Grandparents’ days. Secondly, hopefully we are blessed with additional grandchildren to make the special day even that much more meaningful. Seeing that I have no control over either of those two scenarios, I will bask in the moment at hand. The surprises of life are exhilarating. We have been on a good run with so many wonderful things happening with our families and their lives. This last year has been a blur, a blessing, and full of excitement and happiness. In addition, an entire ongoing sequence of newly created memories have been created. To see how Kyle has grown and developed as a child has been beyond my wildest dreams. To see Paul and Jill mature into such wonderful parents has been heart-warming. And to repeat, the joys of being a grandparent seems to be the gift that keeps on giving. Every smile that Kyle gives us and the excitement on his face when he sees us brings such joy. Even on days when I am not at home and Cathy is watching Kyle, we Facetime with each other. It is so cool to see Kyle light up when he sees my face on the phone. Sometimes I was just with him an hour before, but he still gets excited as do I. It seems that I am as much of a kid as he is at times.

Sorry for going on and on but what the heck. So, I send a belated “high five” to all my fellow grandparents and hope you had a wonderful day this past September 8th. Ironically, even though there is a National holiday, every day is not necessarily a holiday but certainly each day is special.

The old saying holds true, “each day is a gift which is why they call it the present”. Enjoy each day. It does not matter if you are a grandparent or not. It certainly does help though!

Until the Next Tom’s Take…

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