Gas Grill Adventures

Paul Morrone |

Gas Grill Adventures

In the nice weather we try to use the gas grill as much as possible. During the winter months, especially if there is snow on the ground, grilling is just too much work. This time of year with the nice weather, I am always looking for an excuse to throw something on the grill. I am not a master chef by any means but grilling I can do. Hot dogs and hamburgers are usually part of any grilling menu as well as chicken, pork and steak. I also like to experiment as well.

I really enjoy steamed clams on the grill. They are so easy to make and add a loaf of Italian bread and you practically have a meal. Let me explain. While the grill is heating up, I take a large aluminum foil pan and put about a half inch of water in it. I then fill the pan with clams (after washing them of course). Then I add about a half cup of olive oil, about a half stick of butter, salt, fresh ground pepper, oregano, some onion, some Italian seasonings, some Parmesan cheese and of course garlic. Gotta have the garlic. If I have a bottle of white wine open I will pour some of that in as well. All that is left to do is put the pan directly on the grill, close the cover and wait 10-15 minutes.

Some magic happens when the clams start to open and all those ingredients and the juice from the clams all mix together. Once the base liquid starts to boil is when the clams will start to pop open. When they are all open I just put that same pan right in the middle of the table and the feast begins. The clams are usually so sweet and tender and full of flavor. The best part is when all the clams are gone, there is all that broth just waiting for some crusty Italian bread to be dipped. Yum.

There is another option that can be taken instead of eating the clams and dipping bread in the broth as an appetizer. You can boil some linguini and pour that whole mixture right over the top of the linguini in a very large bowl. Sprinkle some more Parmesan on the top and now you have a full blown meal. The bread is still part of that agenda.

Grilling a head of romaine lettuce goes great with this as well. Just brush some olive oil on the lettuce, a little salt and pepper and place the entire head directly on the grill on high heat. The lettuce only needs to be grilled a couple of minutes on each side and when it us done it complements the clam dish very well. I am hungry just thinking about this.

I hope you will experiment with one of my grilling adventures.

Until the next Tom's Take........