Hot or Cold? Never Satisfied!

Paul Morrone |

We all have been guilty one time or another of complaining about the outside temperature whether it being too hot or too cold. Of course the change in seasons in the northeast bring on those extremes but some parts of the country do not have such drastic swings in temperature and are pretty consistent throughout the year. How boring. I for one, having been born and raised in Connecticut (CT), love the constant change in the weather. Each season has its own attraction and sense of anticipation. Also, certain seasons, such as winter, to some people is like going for a colonoscopy. One thing for sure if you like consistency in the weather patterns CT is not the place to be.

I for one would much rather be hot than cold. There is an exception to that comment and that is when I am sleeping. In that case I would rather be cold than hot. I sleep much better when it is cool. Now that can mean in the coldest part of the winter or in the dead heat of summer with the A/C cranking. I just pull the covers up to my neck and settle in. If it is too hot in the bedroom at night I will eventually start tossing and turning and will never get any sleep. At that point hanging one leg out from underneath the covers will not even help. I am sure there are other leg hangers out there other than me that can relate.

When it comes to temperature extremes, some people tend to have short memories. We forget what it is like to be hot when we are cold and vice versa. The last thing on my mind when getting in my car that has been sitting in a parking lot at the store in mid-January with 3 feet of snow on the ground and a wind chill of 3 below zero was a hot and humid day last July. In my opinion, part of that shortened memory results from the brain shaking from the teeth chattering while waiting for the car to warm up. Now of course it is the reverse. That same car in the same parking lot now has a door handle almost too hot to touch. The seats burn your skin because of the sun baking away while you were in the store. The inside of the car is hot enough to bake chocolate chip cookies on the dashboard. Then we cannot wait for the A/C in the car to cool the vehicle down before we can focus on driving.

There is something more appealing to me than hats, scarves, gloves, boots, layers of clothes and large puffy coats. I am much more of a Tommy Bahama kind of a guy. Bring on the shorts, T-shirts, sneakers, sun glasses and golf hats. It is so much easier to go most anywhere when you do not have to layer up and cover every part of your body with wool to just go outside.

There is thing that contradicts everything I just said. Our dog Buddy hates the heat and loves the cold. He would much rather frolic in the snow than be outside when it is 80 plus degrees and humid. If we are taking him for a walk and there is a shade tree, he literally stops and will not walk back in the sun. More than once he has been carried home because he locked those little legs and gave us the “I am staying right here in the shade” look.

So living here in CT gives us awesome transition in seasons but tremendous extremes. We need to deal with it or do not complain. Of course you could move to San Diego.

Until the Next Tom’s Take…