How Can Labor Day Be Behind Us?

Paul Morrone |

By Thomas Morrone, CFP®, CPA

I realize that the calendar is merely a barometer of time for the past, present and the future. When looking at the current calendar, obviously another Labor Day is clearly in the rear-view mirror. But how can that be? I was just planting our basil and spreading new mulch in our landscaping beds. It feels like yesterday that I was taking out our patio furniture and washing it down getting ready for another outdoor season. I can still feel the vibration of the power washer as I was cleaning off our patio from winter debris and mold. Our pool was just opened with the excitement of another year of enjoying the sparkling water with a beverage of choice never too far away. Who knew that we would have the hottest summer to be on record in our near future.

But being in denial does not help that the summer season is past and soon we will be closing the pool. Those fiery hot and humid days of record setting heat our merely a memory. The brown lawns and shriveling leaves on bushes remind of us of not only the hottest summer on record but the driest summer as well. The air conditioning worked tirelessly to keep us cool. There were only a handful of days all summer when it felt comfortable to open the windows. As I write this it is Friday September 2nd. It is a gorgeous day with the temperature in the upper 70’s with very low humidity. My windows are wide open, and the breeze is blowing through the house, and it is so refreshing. Only when we hit September did the mornings seem refreshing. As history has taught us, the daylight disappears earlier and earlier, and we will continue to lose a couple of minutes of that precious sunlight each day. 

There were countless days this summer that you had to be in the A/C or in the water or you would be sweltering in the heat. If you were outside and were not in the shade, the perspiration was automatic. Many days it was too hot to go out in the kayak. Now, future kayaking adventures will become more selective, not because of heat but losing daylight and soon to be cooler temperatures. For weeks it was too hot to go for a walk without becoming soaked to the skin (even if you walked very early). It was so important to stay hydrated. The upside to all of this is that fall weather transition is a splendid time to live in CT. Soon the leaves will be changing colors. Corn on the cob from local farms is at its best. Next, we look forward to mums, pumpkins, apple picking and enjoying all the related baked goodies. Morning walks are a ritual again and soon a fleece will be needed to be comfortable. That is fine with me.

Back to my original point. The time of this summer season has passed like no summer before. At least that is what it seems to feel like. As we get older, the good times seem to come and go in a blink of an eye. It was a great summer loaded with many new experiences and the creation of new memories. The pool was our respite from the heat and our grandsons Kyle and Ryan no longer play and splash on the stairs. Now, they both are eager to jump into the pool. Kyle loves doing cannonballs and has become a great swimmer. Regardless of how good of a swimmer he is, there are always adults with watchful eyes nearby. Ryan is eager to be like his brother and next season, Ryan will be giving Kyle a run for his money in the pool. Let’s not rush it.

After all, life is like a roll of toilet paper, the closer to the end you get, the quicker it goes.

Until the Next Tom’s Take………………………………….

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