Italy-What did I enjoy most?

Paul Morrone |

You probably will get tired of me writing about our trip to Italy but there is so much to share. Hopefully you will continue to read and not block me or cringe when we see future newsletters in your inbox. I do not and I repeat do not want anyone to think I am bragging about the trip.  I am sharing about the trip. So please, read on if you like and future newsletters as well regarding memorable experiences throughout our Italian journey. Since returning, numerous people have asked basically a similar question. What did you enjoy most? Well, at first it seems like a simple question with presumably a simple answer but it actually is more complex than that. My answer will probably not surprise you.

The answer, I enjoyed the food the most. Ristorantes, Pizzerias and Pastry and Gelato shops were everywhere. I remember standing in a piazza in Florence and within eyeshot there were more than 20 choices of places to consume some type of food or drink item. I was like the little kid in the candy store. I could eat a little of this and a little of that. I could grab something from the window of one storefront and eat while I walked and looked at other food to determine what I would eat next. All this while I was wondering what would be for dinner. We would pass a ristorante and preview the menu to return to later to dine. Well that never happened because there was always another ristorante to choose from as we walked a little further that was even better. There was too much food and too little time. It was all so fresh with unbelievable explosive flavors of goodness.

Actually I enjoyed the wine more than the food. There were so many varietals from so many different regions of Italy that you do not see here in the states. One vineyard we visited did not have a distributor indicated on the label on the bottle. The local ristorantes and resorts in the region would buy their entire inventory so there was no need for USA distribution. How cool is that. The local wines also did not contain sulfites so forget about that headache from the wine. Also, the prices were so affordable. Most ristorantes the “house wine” was fabulous and for about the Euro equivalent of around $10 you could purchase delicious Chianti or Montepulciano. Like the food, the wine had explosive flavors of goodness.

Actually more than the food and wine, I enjoyed the art, history and culture of Italy. People were proud of their country, their heritage and all that that it stands for and has to offer. They live at a slower pace and have learned the concept of “La dolce far niente” which translates to the “sweetness of doing nothing”. It was so evident how they truly enjoy life, their food, their wine, their art, their history and their culture.

So what did I enjoy most? I enjoyed it all. To say one thing that was enjoyed most would be to discount all the other wonderful things that we experienced. The overall combination of everything into one memorable event is what I enjoyed most. Food without the wine is like the zig without the zag. Of course the art history and culture go together like the hand in a custom made leather glove. Together, all of these things make Italy so special. That is what I enjoyed most, everything.

Most importantly do not forget “La dolce far niente”.

Until the Next Tom’s Take…