Kelly Gets Married!

Paul Morrone |

By Thomas Morrone CFP®, CPA

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After two years of planning and anticipation, this past November 4th was Kelly’s fabulous wedding celebration. I will pre-apologize for all the bragging and arrogant comments I am about to make about not only how stunning Kelly looked in her gown but also about the countless details on the magical day that were all perfect. We started early as all the “girls” had their hair and makeup done at our house and got dressed there as well. I was the short order cook making eggs and Paul was the bartender making mimosas. It was crazy, but it was fun. It amazes me how women can make a day out of getting ready where Paul and I took only about 8 minutes. I know, it is different for women, very different.

I have been hearing about Kelly’s gown for over a year but was banned from seeing it until that day. The expression, took my breath away, is the most appropriate way I can describe how I felt when Kelly made her first glance in our family room. To say I shed a tear would not be accurate. It was more that I cried like a little baby. We then proceeded to our front lawn to take pictures and the tears kept flowing as she posed for the photographer. She looked like Jackie “O”. Stunning! And this was only the beginning of the day.

Since Kelly was born I envisioned the day I would walk her down the aisle of the church at her wedding. All those years thinking about that day could not have prepared me for the wave of emotions experienced. A lifetime of waiting and that walk went by in a blink of the eye, just like the rest of her life. The church service was captivating as she was transformed right before my eyes from a little girl to a mature woman and then the wife of David, her new husband. Yes, I cried some more. Something tells me there were a few other people in the church that shed a tear or two during the ceremony.

As quickly as the rest of the day went by the reception was no different. Kelly and I danced to “You’ve Got a Friend” written by Carole King which is a song I sang to her often as a little girl. Yup, more tears. Cathy and I danced the night away with friends and family. Everything was magical and the only negative thing about the day is it came to an end though the memories will be with me until my grave. There were so many moments that I wish I could freeze in time. One of those moments was not on the wedding day but a couple of months before. Kelly gave me a neck tie to wear to the wedding and she told me to look at the back of the tie so of course I turned it over. She had it embroidered with the following “my last words, last kiss, & last steps as a Morrone belong to you”. Yup I cried. Sorry but I am such a softie.

Not only did I cry then but just shed another tear as I write this. Good luck to Kelly and David as they begin their lives together and wish them many years of good health and happiness.

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