Kelly Said “Yes to the Dress”!

Paul Morrone |

by Tom Morrone, Principal, CFP®, CPA

Usually guys do not get wrapped up in the wedding planning process but when it is your daughter that is getting married it is hard to not be involved. Actually it is exciting to part of the craziness. The actual wedding date is not until November 2017 but as those wedding veterans know, much of the wedding details are nailed down long before the day the vows are exchanged. By now Kelly and her fiancé Dave have the church date, the venue, the band and some of the other details in place. There are many other items that will get finalized between now and the actual ceremony and some of those will just continue to evolve over time and seem to take on a life of their own. Many of Kelly’s friends have already had their wedding day so she has been to many ceremonies over the last several years. Of course there have been many family weddings as well including Paul and Jill’s just last year. Every wedding is different and unique with various customs, traditions and venues that represent the couple getting married. There is one exercise that is all about the bride…..choosing the perfect wedding dress. I am sure some girls have dreamt of wedding dress shopping from when they were little girls and played with their Barbie dolls. Many a dream wedding happened with Barbie and Ken.

There is a TV reality show that has sensationalized the wedding dress shopping experience featuring Kleinfeld’s Bridal Shop in NYC and have coined the phrase “Yes to the Dress”. Kelly did not go to this particular location but did have a NYC shopping experience for this very special purchase. Of course Kelly had her team of confidants with her on this excursion and the girls made an entire weekend of the shopping extravaganza. Both Cathy and Kelly asked me in advance if I wanted them to send me pictures of the dress that she would ultimately select. I declined immediately and want to be surprised, just like the groom. The weeks in advance of the shopping spree were filled with excitement and anticipation. I certainly shared in the electrifying conversation even though I was not participating. Quite honestly, I would have been in the way and in my opinion, every dress would have looked beautiful so my opinion would have been useless.

So while the girls were wedding dress shopping in NYC, I did some “guy things” around the house. I even watched the NY Giants win a football game. Life was good. Then I got the call from Cathy that Kelly said “yes to the dress”. It was an exciting moment for Kelly and I could not have been happier for her. She will remember the wedding dress shopping weekend for the rest of her life and hopefully someday she can share the story with her daughter. Over the next year she will have to go back to the store for the various alterations which is part of the whole wedding dress process. The alterations will be another excuse to go back to NYC and make another memory. How cool is that?

So next November I will be extremely anxious to see Kelly in her wedding dress and will be honored to walk her down the aisle. It will be a day that we both have thought about countless times. I will have a smile from ear to ear and tears in both eyes. I can’t wait.

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