Necessary Evils in Life

Paul Morrone |

We all have heard the expression it is a necessary evil. It is somewhat profound of an expression but based on the context in which it is used the meaning can be significantly different. A simple example of this is flying. If it were not for flying, long distance travel would be reduced to land transportation or water vessels of various types. Travel would take that much longer and limitations would exist in the distances traveled based on the time available for any given trip. Therefore, flying is a necessary evil to get from point A to point B in the quickest manner possible. Let’s move on to other examples of this expression. Let's use pain as an example. Now I have your attention.

I have had my share of surgical procedures in my lifetime and in most cases they were necessary evils. I had some type of pain, gall bladder attack, appendicitis, knee injury, elbow injury, etc. In each case I was in pain, sometimes intense pain and taken to the hospital by ambulance and the surgical procedure was the only way to correct the situation to reduce or eliminate the agony. Therefore, surgery was a necessary evil to correct a painful situation. Okay....enough about my silly little surgeries.

I witnessed the birth of both of our two wonderful children and was by Cathy's side each time as she endured eye crossing pain from contractions. I tried to do whatever possible to help her through but she had to endure the pain all on her own. I felt helpless as she fought through each contraction and eventually gave birth. Even though it was decades ago, I will never forget our children's birthing experiences and certainly Cathy will never forget either. I already respected Cathy immensely before she gave birth but my level of respect for her went up by tenfold for going through the entire pregnancy and the agonizing delivery process. I extend that same level respect to all mothers that have given birth. No man could do that and I will be the first to admit it. In that lies the irony. Women know how much pain they will be in while giving birth to a child but they will continue to do so. They endure the pain because "it is a necessary evil" to have a child.

I tip my hat to all mothers out there and thank you (again) Cathy for bringing Paul and Kelly into our lives. Your pain has brought me years of unforgettable pleasure.

Until the Next Tom's Take...