New York, New York

Paul Morrone |

Frank Sinatra said it so well and in so many ways about this amazing city in his iconic song, New York, New York. I previously wrote that Cathy and I recently celebrated our 30th wedding anniversary. What better place for us to spend this wonderful milestone than in the “city that never sleeps”. From the moment that we stepped off the train on to the platform in Grand Central Station all the way to pulling into our garage back at home at the end of the weekend, one item after another was more fabulous than the next.  This not being just another trip to NYC to see some sights but to celebrate our anniversary, we had more of an agenda to follow. It is such a great city and there is so much to see and do but we were ready.

We started out walking to and then strolling through Central Park. Watching the runners, cyclists, horse and carriages and thousands upon thousands of walkers just meandering through the park was experiencing New York at its best. The park is an oasis in the middle of the concrete jungle of Manhattan. Each time I walk through Central Park I am amazed at its size and the different sections that each has its own character. There is the zoo, the many ball fields, the walkways, the tunnels, as well as the fountains and staircases. There are many lakes and ponds where you can sit on a bench and watch the world go by. Central Park is such a cool place.

Paul and his fiancé Jill and Kelly and her boyfriend Dave treated us to a fabulous Italian dinner that evening. The wine was flowing, the food was awesome and more importantly the company and laughter and conversation was the creation of a wonderful memory. My side still hurts from laughing. The next day was our actual anniversary and we went back to Central Park for brunch at the boathouse. The weather was perfect and we ate our meal while watching many people on the pond in the row boats right outside the windows of the restaurant. It was a wonderful experience and a priceless memory.

We hopped on the subway and went downtown to the South Street Seaport area where we walked around and went in and out of all the little shops and stores. We met up with Kelly and Dave and walked around the tip of Manhattan, through Battery Park and had drinks on the water looking out at the Statue of Liberty. Talk about iconic. After some relaxing cocktails and a snack, it was time for dinner. We hailed a cab to Little Italy for yet another fabulous meal with some great wine at an outside bistro. Of course, we had to have a cannoli and gelato.

I am blessed to have a wonderful wife of 30 years who has put up with me for all this time. We did a lot of reminiscing that weekend and had so many laughs. Life is about living and we have been living a wonderful life together and we have two unbelievable children. Life is good! My legs were sore from all the walking and the weekend went by in a flash but will be remembered forever.

Something I gained from that weekend that I worked so hard to lose were the 3 ½ pounds from all the eating and drinking.

Until the Next Tom’s Take…