Post Wedding Day Reflection

Paul Morrone |

So Paul’s wedding is now a fabulous memory that is the grand finale in one chapter in his life of being a single guy. The wedding at the same time is the first memory of the next chapter in his life of being a married man. The same scenario holds true for his wife Jill. Of course brides and grooms are all smiles on their wedding day and this was no different for Paul and Jill. This may sound corny and you can call me a sap but I truly believe they are a happy couple and they will have a long and happy marriage. Cathy will agree with me on that as well. As far as the wedding rehearsal, the ceremony itself and the reception, all went off without a hitch. As a matter of fact, things could not have gone better. The weather even cooperated with abundant sunshine and blue skies.

Many people traveled great distances to share in the festivities and came from as far as away as Colombia, California, Florida, Nevada, Colorado and numerous other states up and down the east coast. That was a testament to Paul and Jill let alone those that drove great distances to attend. Cathy and I are so very lucky with how Paul has grown into such a mature young man and we could not be prouder. We are also very lucky that Paul has found such a beautiful, caring and loving girl with Jill for his wife. We have welcomed her and her entire family with open arms and look forward to many years of creating new and happy memories together.

There were so many beautiful moments throughout the wedding festivities that will forever be cherished and I am the first to say that I cried numerous times. There were the first tears when Jill’s dad gave his speech during the rehearsal dinner the night before the wedding. The wedding day itself I spent with the “guys” while the girls primped. There were so many moments throughout that day that I lost it. During the ceremony, I cried like a little baby and it felt so good. The guys were taking bets that I would cry during my speech and there was an over/under line on how soon I would break down during my speech. I fooled them all in that I never broke down and just spoke from the heart as I wished the new couple well and gave them some words of wisdom.

Cathy and I now have joined the club of numerous parents that have married off a child. It is such a bittersweet feeling and those that are part of this elite club understand what I mean. To see your child so happy and to see them with someone that you love like a child is so awesome. That night we danced like there was no tomorrow, laughed until our sides hurt and had so many beautiful conversations. The compliments we received from so many left us felling very humble.  The entire evening was surreal and went by in a flash. There were so many “remember when” conversations with so many people from so many parts of our lives and the lives of Paul and Jill.  We thank those that shared in the celebration and thank Jill’s family for raising such a fabulous woman to share her life with our son. We also thank Paul and Jill for making us so happy that you found each other.

I end this with another round of tears in my eyes.

Until the Next Tom’s Take…