Praying Mantis

Paul Morrone |

Many people have very strong family values and religious beliefs. Both Cathy and I share those core items in how we were raised. We both believe in something bigger than our selves because why not? Both of us believe we have received signs from our loved ones that have passed. Maybe these signs are just items of coincidence but we gain comfort in believing they are something more. These signs come in all forms but for Cathy, one of her signs from her dad is a praying mantis. 

There have been countless examples when a praying mantis has appeared in the weirdest of places. I remember when I was a kid if you saw one of these insects it was somewhat a rare occurrence. Well decades later, seeing these unusual insects have become rather common. We have a glass replica of a praying mantis that sits on our window sill over our kitchen sink as a sign of comfort.

On our recent road trip to FL that I previously wrote about, we stopped in some very beautiful towns and cities. In all these locations besides great restaurants and bars there were numerous art galleries and arts and crafts types of stores. The local artists displayed their talented works of art that took on all shapes and sizes as well as what the artists were attempting to replicate. Some of the common items that many artists would depict were butterflies, dragon flies and different wildlife. Even though we were hunting specifically, we could not find an artist who had a rendition of a praying mantis.

We went to St. Petersburg to visit my cousin and his wife. We rode our bicycles around the waterfront and saw some beautiful sights. We took a break for lunch and after we ate we stopped at the new Dali museum. As we were walking through the gift shop checking out the various items for sale I looked up and was amazed. Hanging from the ceiling was a praying mantis the size of a car. It was so cool. See the picture. I pointed it out to Cathy and it put a smile on her face. It made me smile as well. The gift shop did sell smaller versions of the insect so of course we had to purchase one. Now we have two artistic renditions of these majestic looking insects. 

Sometimes when we are looking for something it is impossible to find. Then, when you least expect it, boom, there it is. It was a very cool experience and I will never forget the feeling. I was very happy for Cathy that she found her sign.


Until the Next Tom's Take..........