Preston's Intro!

Paul Morrone |

By Preston Young

Graduating college is an overwhelming and exciting part of your life. One day you’re taking courses that take up 90% of your time, doing homework, hanging out with friends and working a part- or full-time. The next, you are faced with the tough decision as to whether you want to start your life right away or not. Many people take this time to travel, visit family, or check off items on their bucket list. Being ambitious, motivated, and openminded, I knew I wanted to jump start my career. Fast forward two months later, and I’m excited to have found a home on the US Wealth New Haven team.

Applying to jobs now a days is quite simple; you upload your resume to a website, scroll through hundreds of jobs and click apply to the ones you’re interested in. That is it. Very few questions and you are done. Call me old school, but I dislike the sterile nature of this process – there’s no personal touch. I noticed the job description Paul had posted and told myself “this is it, I found my career.” I applied on the website with my resume, cover letter and included a small, personal note as well. I immediately found Paul’s email and emailed him, letting him know who I was, that I applied and why I thought I would be a great fit. Shortly after, Paul replied to my email letting me know how much we had in common and how he appreciated the personal email as many of us have lost the personal touch, especially during our rough 2020 when there was very little social activity. Right then and there I knew Paul and I would connect very well and can make an unbelievably well-rounded team.

Beginning a new job right out of college is daunting for some and can be overwhelming. Luckily for me, Tom and Paul have made this transition exciting, fun and easy! I am extremely honored to be a part of this great team and more importantly, I look forward to meeting every single person who walks through our front door. 

More about me! I am a North Haven High School graduate with a Bachelor of Science in finance from Southern Connecticut State University and am currently working towards my MBA. I absolutely love to travel and, although I am young, I am fortunate enough to have visited most of the United States and a handful of other countries. There is no question that my future contains more travel, so any recommendations are greatly appreciated! My girlfriend, Rachel and I have an Aussiedoodle puppy named Mason who keeps us busy and enjoys ice cream, walks and boat rides. Rachel and I absolutely love Disney World and hope to solidify our annual trips as a family tradition that we can look forward to each year. 

As everyone starts coming into the office, we will learn much more about each other and I look forward to meeting you all. 

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