Stripes and Plaids

Paul Morrone |

I have never been much of a fashion guru when it comes to matching colors and patterns with clothing outfits. I do know that you should never mix stripes with plaids when trying to coordinate an outfit. This was something I learned years ago when seeing how my father would dress. It had nothing to do with his lack of fashion sense, he just did not care. Therefore, I do have some sense of what goes with what. Where my real problem lies is matching what color shirt to go with what color slacks. Maybe it is a guy thing to some degree but there is a real deficiency in my ability to have that true eye when attempting to blend the colors of an outfit. Part of this fashion problem is that I truly believe I am somewhat color blind, at least when it comes to a color coordinated outfit. I do know when I have to stop at a traffic light because my reds and greens are very vivid. This is also helpful during the Christmas season when reds and greens are everywhere. That is a whole different topic all together.

As mentioned many times before, our daughter Kelly works in the fashion industry in NYC and she has an unbelievable eye when it comes to this topic. Cathy will ask my opinion on some accent piece she wants to wear, which scarf goes with the sweater or which shoes better coordinate with her outfit. It is actually comical because most times whatever my opinion is she will inevitably wear the other selection. Numerous times Cathy would say “I wish Kelly were here, she would know”. It actually has become somewhat of a ritual in our house.  Every once and a while when I have expressed my opinion on what she should wear, to my surprise Cathy will come out dressed and will be wearing what I suggested. Of course I am shocked and pleased at the same time. I think that has happened twice…. maybe three times in all these years.

There are some mornings when I leave for work thinking I look pretty dapper. Later in the day when I get home Cathy may look at me and say something to the affect “I can’t believe that you wore that outfit to the office”! Now my first reaction is being a little offended that I am not able to “dress myself”. Then reality hits me when I truly look at the combination of colors or patterns that I actually thought looked dapper just several hours earlier. Maybe I need to have that cup of coffee before I get dressed in the morning and take one more gander in the mirror before whisking my way out the door to face my day. One thing for sure, if I leave the house and I am not perfectly coordinated no one will be harmed. They may laugh a little behind my back but that is the worst thing that would happen.

I have thought long and hard about this (only kidding) and I do have a long term solution to my inability to pick the best combinations of clothes to wear so I truly look dapper. Any guesses?

I think Cathy should lay out my outfit the night before like my mom did for my first day of grade school.

Until the Next Tom’s Take…