Team Favorite: Beach

Paul Morrone |

Growing up in New England, we take for granted the proximity of well, everything.  The concept of being land-locked is generally foreign to us and within about three hours you can get from the mountains to the ocean and pass several lakes and rivers in between. When I was younger it was almost customary to make the annual pilgrimage to the Cape for a week in the summer, make a day trip to Misquamicut or spend a weekend in Martha’s Vineyard, Nantucket or Block Island. I grew up around the ocean, and the never ending allure of a beach has become part of who I am. When we started talking about our favorite beach as a group, I was even surprised at my thoughts at the end of the day.

By Paul Morrone, CFP ®, CPA, MSA

When we decided to talk about our favorite beach, I immediately defaulted to the thoughts of the aqua blue lagoon in Bora Bora. However, I soon realized that although it was beautiful there, there really wasn’t much of a beach there at all. If I was forced to pick, I’d have to say that my favorite beach stretches from Manhattan Beach in California all the way up to the hills of the Palisades just north of Santa Monica. It’s easy to see why I’m attracted to this place, the weather is perfect nearly all year round and the beach itself measures well over a hundred yards wide. Not to mention the memorizing West Coast sunsets that us New Englanders dream about. What I like most about the beach, however, is how well it is integrated into the towns that surround it. Streets seemingly end on the sand and the real estate along many parts of the beach is a sight to be seen in its own right. There is a biking/walking path that stretches for miles, and in some spots has restaurants, bars and it even encompasses the famous Venice boardwalk. 

By Tom Morrone, CFP ®, CPA, Principal

There are so many beautiful beaches and to identify one is difficult and easy at the same time. To begin to choose there has to be some criteria to help with the selection process. Clarity of the water is a great starting point for me immediately followed by the quality of the sand. There are many beautiful beaches that have these two characteristics and that usually results in droves of people. That is another of my criteria is that the beach is not crowded so you can walk and enjoy the beauty without being hit with a Frisbee or have to dodge people because the beach is crowded. This leads me to my favorite beach, Stump Pass State Park, a 2-mile-long stretch of beach on the southern tip of Manasota Key, FL. After the first couple of hundred yards the crowd thins out dramatically and for most of the 2 mile walk there is an occasional person or couple enjoying the beautiful beach. Stump Pass is wildlife preserve so all you see while walking is turquoise water, white sand, shells, sand dollars, shark teeth, palm trees, dolphins, birds, pelicans, manatee, stingray and an occasional sea turtle. Cathy and I have been visiting this beach since 1998 and hope to walk it for many more years to come.

By Barbara Gode, Office Manager

My favorite place to enjoy the beach is RI.  There is something special about being by the water that nourishes the soul.  I enjoy going to Watch Hill.  Have you ever visited the Ocean House for lunch?  It is one of my favorite places to visit.  The views of the beach from the back patio deck are breath taking.  Actually there are several restaurants located at the Ocean House.  The one located on the beach is for guests only!  I have yet to try that one.  After lunch, I like to take a walk to the nearby beach to soak up the sun.  The noon day sun is very strong for me (you would never guess that I’m mostly Italian as my skin tone is so fair).   I often bring an umbrella with me if I plan on sitting on the beach for a while.  I just love RI beaches.  Perhaps I’ll see you there on a nice day. Can you pass me the sunscreen?