Thirty Years With Cathy and Going Strong

Paul Morrone |

On July 12, 1985, I stood at the altar of St. Stephen’s church in Hamden anxiously awaiting my wedding ceremony to Cathy.  Then, I had a full head of hair that was youthful dark brown, a few less inches around my waist and I swear I was taller. It was a typical hot and humid summer day with thunder storms in the early evening. Was I nervous that day? Did I know what our future would be? Those are two questions that just about anyone would think about prior to getting married. One question that I did not have in my mind was if Cathy was who I wanted to spend the rest of my life with? Then and now I still feel the same way.  So, let’s fast forward 30 years…

My hair has thinned dramatically and has that distinguished salt and pepper look. Eyeglasses are always nearby and if they are not available, I order the “special of the day” at the restaurant. I carry some extra poundage and have all the aches and pains that come with age. Where we are today as a couple and as parents compared to where we started on that muggy Friday evening has been quite a journey. We are blessed to have raised two wonderful children. Cathy has been a fabulous wife, friend and mom. I personally am so fortunate to work side by side with Paul each and every day. He has been around for almost 28 of those 30 years and we are excited that he is getting married to Jill in August. Their wedding will be the topic of a future writing or two. Kelly, who lives and works in New York City, is living the dream of a young woman in her early twenties navigating her life in such an amazing city. It is so rewarding to see that our two children have grown up to be independent and successful adults. Let’s not forget Buddy, our little fur child, who has brought the pitter patter of little feet to our home once again.

For the last 30 years we have been on some great vacations to some beautiful locations. One place we have yet to experience is Europe and more specifically Italy. Give my Italian heritage and love of great wine and food, a trip to Italy has certainly been a bucket list item for me and also for Cathy. What we have decided to do is for our 30th anniversary, our gift to each other is to cross that Italy item off our bucket list. September 23rd we leave JFK airport for Venice for the first leg of our Italy trip. There will be more about Italy in future writings.

It is hard to believe 30 years has gone by since we both shared the “I do” experience.  Marriage is not a destination an as I said earlier, it is a journey. I look forward to spending another thirty years with my amazing wife as we continue that journey together. Happy 30th anniversary Cathy!

Until the Next Tom’s Take…