Wedding On The Beach

Paul Morrone |

By Tom Morrone, CFP ®, CPA, Principal

This past November my cousin's daughter Holly (but she is more like a niece to me) got married on the beach in Englewood Florida. I have been to many weddings over the years at some beautiful venues but this was the first time I witnessed the exchange of vows on the beach. The groom and grooms men wore shorts and many of the attendees went barefoot and were able to wiggle their toes in the sand. Fresh fruit and lemonade was served on the beach before the wedding. The weather was gorgeous and there was just enough cloud cover to spare us from the blazing Florida sun. After the ceremony was complete and we had a new Mr. and Mrs., it was time for photos on the beach. Just when you think everything could not be more perfect, the photos were strategically timed with the most spectacular sunset. It was fabulous. This wedding was not thrown together on a whim, quite the contrary. These festivities were actually years in the making. Oh yes, let me share the history.

Holly and her parents were originally from Cheshire and moved to Florida many years ago and ended up just outside Tampa. Their family would visit Cathy and me in Englewood where we have been going since 1998. Englewood, and more specifically Manasota Key, became a location that our friends and family would visit and hang out and enjoy the natural beauty of the area. For years, Holly always said that someday she wanted to get married on the beach in Englewood. Well that day that was only a dream to her for years came to be a reality this past November 5th. It was a destination wedding for many and a short drive for some. There were about twenty people from CT that made the trip and we converged on Englewood ready to party. And party we did. 

Most people that attended the festivities came in a couple days before the wedding and stayed a couple of days after. People arrived on different days and the herd of people gradually got larger each day. People were staying in different units and complexes in the area and we would rotate locations for drinks and appetizers. There was partying the days before the ceremony as the group of people grew and of course there was the wedding itself when we were in full force. The day after the wedding we all gathered on the beach and spent the afternoon just hanging out. There were many Cosmopolitans, Margaritas, Vodka and tonics, glasses of Prosecco, bottles of wine and beers of various types that were consumed over the several days. You name a food and we ate it. We swam in the ocean, swam in the pool, passed a football and looked for beach treasures. But most of all we just sat around and talked and laughed and cried. We eventually moved to the pool area and devoured 9 large pizzas in a matter of minutes. All that fresh salt air and sunshine sure makes you hungry…..and thirsty. After pizza, we went back to the beach for another round of cocktails and a spectacular sunset. Life was good and many wonderful memories were made that weekend in Englewood. As is the case when you are having fun, the weekend went by very quickly and people were soon packing suitcases for their return flights home.

It was a great time with family and friends that will long be remembered.

I wish Holly and her new husband Aaron many years of good health and happiness as they start their new lives together. Love a good wedding on the beach.

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