Wedding Q&A

Paul Morrone |

With less than two months to our wedding, Jill and I are not strangers to people asking some questions about how everything is going. While there is still a lot to get done, we have made significant progress and learned a ton along the way.  I’m not familiar with some terminology that I thought only existed on TV shows like ‘Say Yes to the Dress’ and now know more than I care to about harvest tables and crudité (I didn’t know it was possible to complicate a concept as simple as cheese and crackers). Lucky for me, Jill knows my strengths and weaknesses and really only leaned on me when she felt I could actually provide some valuable input, at the food and cake tastings.  Here’s some questions we’ve frequently been asked and my thoughts, complete with color commentary.

1.  Am I ready to get married?

I sure hope so. I mean, is anyone ever really ready? Or just, ready as they will ever be? What I do know is that I’m definitely ready to be out of the wedding planning process and looking forward to simply being married (and far away on our honeymoon). All kidding aside, of course I am!

2.  How is wedding planning going?

Napoleon had Waterloo, Davy Crockett had the Alamo, and I have wedding planning. When we first got engaged and talked about what our wedding was going to be like we thought we had it all together and that it wouldn’t be ‘that bad.’ Then we realized what the process really entailed; ignorance is bliss before you actually start going through the endless to-do lists. All in good fun, of course, and we have certainly made the best of it. We have yet to find a problem that a bottle of wine couldn’t solve, and if one wasn’t enough, a second has surely done the trick.

3.  What would you do differently?

Drink more wine. Cakebread Cellars Cab, please!

4.  Why do you think it’s so much work?

Simple – Pinterest, Etsy and David Tutera (yes, I actually know who that is). There’s reality and then there is what can be found online and on TV. I never really understood the old adage “the devil is in the details” until I was involved with planning a wedding. But, to Jill’s credit, when executed properly it really helps to bring our vision to fruition.

5.  What’s the best advice we’ve been given?

What’s great about talking to people about our wedding day is that many have gone through it before. There is one overwhelming piece of advice that people have given both of us over the last few months that we truly will take to heart. Time and again we’ve heard “enjoy the day and make time for yourselves, it’s over way too quickly.”