A Week of Weddings (Part 2)

Paul Morrone |

By Thomas Morrone CFP®, CPA

There is nothing like a family wedding. This past July 3rd, Cathy’s niece got married. There were all the ingredients for a great time. Family all gathered together celebrating, friends supporting and participating in the festivities, great food, a few cocktails, laughter, lots of laughter, fabulous music and of course a large dance floor to accommodate those that wanted to move and groove to the music. Cathy and I did our share of dancing that night and my lovely bride, is no doubt, the better dancer between the two of us. I can shake my body around to some good old-fashioned rock and roll but holding a beat and staying in step are not my strong points. Cathy often ends up leading……sorry Cathy but I have two left feet. There were no judges giving out scores, so in my opinion, we were safe. I am sure no one gave us a second look. Even if they did, who cares? After all, it was a wedding and weddings are supposed to be fun.

Having hosted weddings for both or our children, Cathy and I so appreciate all the coordination and attention to detail that is required to have a successful event. Cathy’s sister Joan and her husband Rick went above and beyond with the planning and nailed every detail to perfection. Starting with the hair and makeup for the ladies, flowers, decorations, photographers, transportation, food selections, venue, music, accessories and ending with an after the wedding party that went into the wee hours. There are so many other details that the “To Do” lists tend to be endless, but it all gets done in the end.

It gets to a point, after all the planning, that you need to let go and have some fun. It was wonderful to see Joan and Rick doing just that. They were moving and grooving with the group and do not think they ever left the dance floor. As a matter of fact, other than the occasional rest room break, I don’t think we left the dance floor either. I know the next morning my body felt like I ran a marathon (not that I know what that feels like because I never ran a marathon but can only imagine). It was great pain because it made me reflect on how much we danced and what a great time we had the night before. Congrats to Michelle and Willy as they continue their journey in life, together.

A few days later, the daughter of Cathy’s college roommate got married and we were fortunate to celebrate that occasion as well. Another family wedding, so much fun. Congrats to Katie and Alex as they continue their journey in life, together as well. There are many similarities in weddings but there are so many differences also. Each has their own unique feel and vibe. The excitement of two young adults starting their lives together is so heartwarming. We so felt that at both weddings. The melding of two families and the creation of a new family.

We extend our heartfelt congratulations to these young couples and wish them many years of good health and happiness together. I know the parents are so very happy to see their daughter’s marrying fine young men that they are proud to welcome into the family and simply, are nice guys.

Now, what about those grandkids?

Until the next Tom’s Take…