What Comes First, Food or Wine?

Paul Morrone |

There is an old expression about what comes first, the chicken or the egg? I do not want you to think that I sit around all day and ponder what to write about. That certainly is not the case. The question about the chicken or the egg does not mean anything to me. What the question does do is gets me thinking about how it applies or can apply in a symbolic way to other things. You will see what I mean in a second. So if you think about the sequential significance of the question the same question can be posed in different situations. The parallel question that I came up with is what comes first, food or wine?

Okay, now I have your attention. If you have followed any of my Tom’s Takes from the past, I do seem to have a history of writing about food and wine. Naturally they do go together but which comes first? Of course you do not want to drink wine or alcohol on an empty stomach so it must be the food. Yes it is the food, the food comes first. No wait, when you go to a restaurant for dinner, the first thing the server does is take a drink order. That’s correct, the drinks or wine comes first. But wait; is there bread on the table, maybe you nibble on some olives while you are waiting on drinks? Maybe you order a quick appetizer, have some nuts or a piece of cheese with crackers. This is so confusing.

My thorough analysis of this complex issue has lead me to exhaustive research regarding the various possibilities of what comes first, food or wine? There are times when they come together but still one needs to be consumed before the other. A perfect example is when food is paired with wine. Certain foods taste better and enhance the flavor of the wine when consumed together. A good Asiago cheese paired with a nice bottle of Chianti certainly makes both items a little more flavorful.  A nice sautéed shrimp with a crisp Chardonnay can be pleasing to the taste buds. Also, a nice juicy steak matches perfectly with a hearty Cabernet Sauvignon. Even a Caesar Salad tastes a little better with a glass of Pinot Grigio. Well the results of my survey may not surprise you at all and hopefully the answer does not disappoint you. 

What comes first, food or wine? Who cares? Enjoy them both in whatever order you like. You can do your own research and will most likely come up with the same answer, who cares? Actually, I was just having some fun with this silly writing but I do take the substance of the article very seriously. I love to eat and love to enjoy a good glass of wine so I will continue to do some more extensive life-long research and enjoy both items in whatever order works at any given moment. Life is too short so if I have to research something for the rest of my life, I will research the correct order to eat good food and drink nice wine. If I come up with any startling revelations along the way I will certainly pass them on.

In the mean-time, eat good food and drink wine or is it drink wine and eat good food?

Until the Next Tom’s Take…