Where Is The Cloud?

Paul Morrone |

Where is the Cloud?

When I recently asked a technological question, I was told that everything I enter in my cell phone is stored in the cloud. Not truly understanding what this meant I simply said OK and moved on……or did I. Those of you that truly know me understand that I am an old fashioned type of guy. That trait is very helpful in dealing with clients, my family and friends and people in general. That old fashioned type of guy trait is not helpful at all when it comes to dealing with technology. That in turns brings me to, “Where is this cloud”?

The obvious reaction, at least for me, is I look to the heavens. That’s where the clouds are so I guess that is a natural reaction. Any techy people probably get a chuckle from this overly simplistic reaction because I know it is much more complicated than that. The irony is I love this cloud stuff. When I take pictures with my phone, they automatically transfer to my iPad. There is a notes function that I use constantly that I can email to myself or to whomever. Many of my articles are written and pass through the cloud at some point, including this one. Therefore, the cloud is a good thing, at least for me. My schedule is always at my fingertips and updates with my desk top computer. Everything I need fits in my shirt pocket. The days of calling the office to check my schedule is a thing of the past.

The other cool thing is all the applications or Aps that are available. There is truly an AP for everything and many are free. It scares me how many of these Aps are on my phone and I actually use and use regularly. Every trip to NYC would not be complete without using the train and subway Aps. Once in a while I think I have an idea for a new AP and when I go look, there are at least twelve Aps already designed. Then there is the GPS function. How cool is that?

One thing about using the cloud is stormy weather. What I mean is that there are days when the cloud or at least the technology that accesses the cloud does not work correctly. Now there could be many reasons why the technology does not work as intended including user error (of course that never happens to me). Hardware malfunctions do occur and power surges can cause havoc. There always seems to be a software update to fix the bugs in the system. All in all, I guess I need to pay greater attention to the weather forecast for the week.

It is comical how there are so many ways to protect our devices from damage using various types of cell phone cases. There are cell phone cases that have colors, designs, pictures and some are even water proof. Then there are the screen protectors that you have to have an engineering degree to install without getting all those bubbles. My case is black and I have bubbles and I am proud to use the cloud.

Until the next Tom’s Take………….