Writer's Block...Never!

Paul Morrone |

I was recently asked by someone “do I ever have writer’s block”?  I thought about that question for a moment or two and then replied “never”. It is interesting how ideas on what to write just continue to pop into my head. One of the benefits of being older, not old, but older are the countless number of experiences to draw from. There are events that cover my life ranging from professional, personal, family, friends, sports and travel topics to just name a few. Often I wonder more about how what I write will be perceived and not what to write. The last thing I would ever want to do is offend anyone on any topic regardless how trivial it may seem to most people so I tend to avoid volatile or sensitive topics. What I will share with you is the feedback that I receive on a regular basis from those that read our newsletter on a regular basis.

In most cases people want to hear something fun, exciting, different or interesting about life in general. The facts, figures and economics are available at every turn with the TV, radio and the various social media platforms so I will let those institutions and organizations cover those topics. There is enough sadness, tragedy and sickness all around us on a frequent basis so I try to provide an escape from reality even if just for a short moment. The only tears that I want to be shed while reading one of these newsletters are tears of joy. Having a wife, two adult children, a dog, a business, a terrible golf game, my love of travel and an aging body provides me with plenty of material to consider when pondering what to write about. Sometimes I have to draw the line on topics. Certain topics may be very appropriate at a cocktail party or a back yard barbecue but inappropriate for a published writing. I do try to color right up to the lines but never color over the lines.

I hold some pleasure in making fun of myself, not others.  It is very difficult to offend oneself or at least I think it is. I also tend to laugh hardest at the face in the mirror compared to the face in the window. I know my true faults, my obscure thoughts, bizarre sense of humor and do not have to ponder what I am thinking on any topic. I stopped trying to guess what people were thinking long ago. I usually have a pretty good read on what is going through Cathy’s mind but she always throws the proverbial curve ball at me. Regardless of everything I just said my goal is to have fun with what I write.  Actually, I did not write about anything at all this time but it was still enjoyable to write and hopefully you trudged through. I should write about nothing more often.

By the way, we have this little dog named Buddy…

Until the Next Tom’s Take…