A Year to Forget? Not Quite!

Paul Morrone |

By Paul Morrone, CFP®, CPA/PFS, MSA

Was 2022 really a year to forget? By some objective metrics, absolutely. And if you look at the headlines that ran across the newspapers this year (war, inflation, recession, extreme weather, and political turmoil), the case becomes even more compelling. I’d argue the opposite, however, and am happy to make my claim that 2022 was actually a good year. As crazy sounding as it is, there was a lot to love about a year that has undoubtedly earned its place in history alongside other black sheep such as 2020, 2008, 2001, 1981, etc. 

Where better to start with this argument than right at home? Well, not my home, but the home of every American and all of you reading this right now. The year started on a high, and for many the high continues to this day. People – you all – really got out there this year, and did so in dramatic fashion.  Out to restaurants, at concerts, on planes and even cruise ships, the insatiable need to see and be seen was alive and well. We learned to dance the fine line between cautiousness and carelessness as weekend getaways, happy hours and vacations came back in vogue from their deep hibernation in 2020 and 2021. Even in the face of a brutal flu/COVID/RSV season, holiday spirits (pun intended…) ran through all of us, and the energy was palpable leading up to the Christmas break. From family gatherings to office holiday parties, the holidays in 2022 felt – dare I say it – normal?! 

If that wasn’t reason enough to cheer 2022, how could we forget the gifts that the professional sporting world gave us this year? It doesn’t matter what sport you fancy, the fact is, 2022 delivered in spades. All year long it seemed almost hard to avoid season after season of some of the most riveting, edge-of-your-seat, memorable sports moments that media outlets and sports fans, alike, dream of. While the outcome of some of the series may not have been what you desired (much to the chagrin of us Yankee fans), it’s hard to argue with the entertainment quality of most professional (and college) sports over the past 12 months. Not to mention the winter Olympics in Beijing and the once-every-four-year World Cup that just recently ended in spectacular fashion. 

However, to every yin there is a yang, and 2022 included some notable losses that I would be remiss not to mention. It marked the end of an era for two iconic culinary masterpieces, the McDonald’s McRib and the Choco Taco. Professional sports also lost some key figures, including Tom Brady (just kidding – and so was he when he prematurely announced his retirement in July then quickly reneged), Gronk, Coach K, Serena Williams, and Shaun White, to name a few. On a more serious note, the world also mourned the loss of Queen Elizabeth in September, marking the end of a historic 70-year run as Monarch, a reign that will likely never be matched again. 

As we look to the new year, I encourage all of you to focus on the positives. In our house, we’re blessed to soon be welcoming my sister’s baby girl into the world. We have travel plans to look forward to. Kyle will be heading to kindergarten in September. The NY Giants have a real shot at making the playoffs. And the UCONN men’s basketball team is positioning themselves to make a run during March Madness. Did I mention its almost driving and golf season again?!

On the professional front, our business continues to grow (despite the obvious headwinds), and I wanted to take a moment to thank the many of you who have referred us to friends and loved ones over the past year. As you know, our clients are our biggest advocates and we’re fortunate to work with such an engaged, passionate, and genuine group of people. In our effort to make your experience working with us even better, we will continue to invest in the business and our community. Both are important as we believe that there is nothing more gratifying than having a positive impact on the lives of those around us. Whether that is in the form of the meaningful financial guidance we provide in the conference room or from the work we do with various charities throughout the year, the desire to help others will continue to motivate us in the future. 

Thank you again for placing your trust in us. It is the highest compliment we can receive and is the reason we love the work we do. From your entire team at US Wealth Management New Haven, we wish you a happy, healthy, and fun filled 2023!