Eye Floaters

By Tom Morrone CFP®, CPA

I have pretty good vision and only need to wear glasses for reading and closeup work and those glasses are not prescription but merely 1.50 cheaters that can be purchased just about anywhere. I have pairs of cheaters everywhere including my vehicle, various places around the house, my office, my briefcase and most of my coats and jackets have a pair in one of the pockets. I even have a compact pair that slides in a small case that attaches to the back of my cell phone.

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Kelly and Dave's 'Jack and Jill' Party

By Thomas Morrone CFP®, CPA

It used to be that when a couple was getting married, a month or two before the wedding the bride to be would have a bridal shower and the groom to be would have a stag party. At the bridal shower, the women would play various games throughout the event and the end was usually about watching the bride to be open the gifts with all the oohs and ahhs from the group as each gift was opened.

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