Birthday Fireworks

Paul Morrone |

By Thomas Morrone, CFP®, CPA

A birthday party combined with fireworks makes for a great time. Add a pool to the mix, warm weather, and you have all the makings for a great day. That is what we had recently for Ryan’s 3rd birthday. The week before the party, the weather forecast for the upcoming festivities looked anything but promising, including rain showers and thunderstorm possibilities. The party was happening rain or shine but we had no control over the weather but full control over the party. Fortunately, after some rain in the morning, the sky began to clear, and any rain was now a distant memory. Let the party begin.

The kids instantly gravitated to the pool. Every possible pool toy and flotation device we owned was either in or around the pool. Kids were doing cannon balls, shooting baskets or diving for rings. Water cannons were used to “attack” people who were not in the pool. Good clean fun. There was even one of those inflatable bounce houses on our front lawn. When kids wanted a break from the pool, into the bouncy house they went. Once they worked up a sweat, back into the pool they went to cool off. All this was happening while the adults were watching the comings and goings with some form of beverage or another never too far away.

Then there was pizza and back in the pool for some more splashing. As the afternoon crossed seamlessly into evening it was time for ice cream cake with the traditional birthday singing to Ryan. Ryan had such a cute smile on his face as we sang to him and when he went to blow out the candles. There were smiles all around and those smiles got even bigger as slices of the ice cream cake were passed about. There were specialty cookies, some in the shape of monster trucks, Ryan’s favorite toy. I must admit, I indulged in a slice of cake and a fancy cookie. After all, it was a party. After cake, we took the little ones to see the firetruck that was parked at our association beach (just in case). The kids loved to see the truck up close and talk to the firemen. The firemen were so good with the kids, explaining the gauges and dials on the side of the truck. They handed out stickers, pencils, and erasers. Kyle and Ryan even sat inside the truck.

It was just starting to get dark, and the excitement was brewing in anticipation of the Branford fireworks display. The kids were given glow necklaces and bracelets which they thought were the coolest. Kyle oversaw issuing them to everyone, including adults. He took his responsibility very seriously. The viewing of the fireworks display could not have been any better. We are on the Branford River, directly across from Branford Point which is where the town shoots off fireworks. We had front row seats so to speak. Once they started, some people went inside because they were so loud. The explosions seemed to make the house shake as the booms reverberated off the house. The diehards stayed outside and gazed into the night sky, and we all were memorized at what we were watching……and hearing! It was a constant barrage of sparks, rockets, mortars, and explosions that lasted well over half an hour. The finale was captivating and left many speechless. When the last rocket exploded, cheers erupted all around from the galleries of people lined on both sides of the river. The boat horns were blaring away as well. It was a great afternoon and evening and there were no injuries, no blood or vomit. It was a success.

It was a great party and for sure, Life is Good!

Until the Next Tom’s Take…………………

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