Bourbon Tasting

Thanks to our friends down in Shelbyville, Kentucky and their resident Bourbon expert, Melissa, we learned about the origins of Bourbon, the distillation process, what differentiates it from whiskey and, of course, sampled our fair share of delicious brown liquor from America’s heartland. A huge thank you to Nick at Greens Farms Spirits for his help in sourcing our very own private barrel of Bulleit and connecting us with the team at the distillery.

Megatrends Virtual Event

We often discuss the rapid pace of innovation and how it impacts our lives. It seems like a lifetime ago that dial up internet was the gold standard for connectivity (20 years ago), and many of us can’t imagine life without cell phones (they gained popularity in the mid- 1990s). We partnered with our friends at Blackrock and had a fun, lighthearted and incredibly interesting discussion about Megatrends and how they have shaped the world we live in. We also speculated on what is to come in the future while sharing a cocktail with friends!

2021 Shred Event

For 9 straight years, our shredding event has been a huge success. Hot off the heels of a record turnout in 2020, the 2021 event was equally as impressive. It was hard to imagine that anyone had any documents left to shred after last year, but they did. True-to-form, we had cars lined up as early as 8:30am and we successfully helped over a hundred people securely destroy old documents, credit cards and even hard drives thanks to our friends and partners at Shred-It. The North Haven Food Bank was once again the biggest beneficiary, with hundreds of food items being donated to support those in our community who need it most.

Virtual Wine Tasting

After a long year at home, we figured a good way to drown out much of the negativity was to share a much needed (virtual) drink with friends. With the help of Nick from Greens Farms Spirits, we put together a tasting of four different wines from around the world, ranging from light a light and crisp chardonnay from France to a dark and earthy Chianti from Italy. It was great to see so many smiling faces, and we look forward to seeing everyone in person soon!

2020 Shred Event

Our 2020 shred event was our biggest ever, literally and figuratively. We filled the entire Shred-It truck – a first for our event, although we’ve come close in the past. Suck home during the first half of the year due to COVID, many resorted to cleaning up and cleaning out their houses as a way to pass the time amid lockdowns. Prior to the event, we were questioning whether anyone was even going to show up, needless to say we were pleasantly surprised with the record turnout. The best part: The North Haven Food Bank received a massive donation heading into the holidays and winter months thanks to the generosity of our community.

Market Declines and Volatility Virtual Event

In the midst of a pandemic, COVID lockdowns have brought the world’s economy to a screeching halt. Chaos in financial markets has investors worried about a recession and what that could mean for their future and what, if anything, they should do to best weather the storm. We partnered with our friends at Dimensional Fund Advisors to share some insight into the benefits of remaining disciplined, especially in the face of adversity, and how long-term investors are rewarded over time for the risks they take investing in equity markets.