Buddy the Frequent Flyer

Paul Morrone |

By Thomas Morrone CFP®, CPA

Our dog Buddy has become somewhat famous. Well not really but we like to think so. Recently we were delayed at the airport because of various reasons that were never fully explained. As a result of the additional two hours in the airport, I volunteered to bring Buddy back outside so he could “do his business” while Cathy stayed with the luggage. Well, for us humans it is a simple trip to the restroom. For Buddy, it meant back through the security checkpoint by all the TSA agents. Some of them remembered Buddy from the first time through and gave him a little smile and a wave. Once past security we went outside where it was one of those recent bitter cold days with gusty winds and sub-zero temperatures plus the wind chill factor. Well when you have to go, you have to go. Buddy did not care, he was just glad for the fire hydrant.

Back inside it was through security once again with the boarding pass, photo ID and metal detector. Thankfully I had the Pre-TSA security pass so that sped things along. I can’t go through the metal detector because of my artificial knee and must go through the body scan device. No big deal for me but Buddy was not allowed. It caused a little confusion with the TSA agents but Cathy was nearby and Buddy ran to Cathy right by the TSA agents. Before we left security, Buddy had to be scanned with the wand to make sure he was not a terrorist carrying explosives. Anyway, the TSA agents had a sense of humor and wished Buddy safe travels.

As we sat and waited for our plane to arrive, people were also waiting for their departures not just on our flight but other flights as well. Many stopped by to pet Buddy. They were greeted with a lick on the hand and a wagging tail. Of course people got to know his name and as they left for their gates many a passerby said, “See ya Buddy”. It was actually pretty comical and Buddy seemed to love the attention. After all, most dogs love attention and Buddy is no different. I am not sure exactly how many flights Buddy has been on but he has his own frequent flyer account number and gets free drinks every flight. Only kidding. He does seem to know the routine and the hardest part is putting him in the carrier and getting him under the seat. It is quite the show but some doggie treats do the trick every time.

Upon arrival and once we disembark from the plane, Buddy is “set free”. As we walk through the airport at our destination, it is not that unusual to hear, “hey Buddy, how was the flight?”

Like I said, Buddy is quite famous.

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