Communication Is Key

Paul Morrone |

It is often said that one of the most important attributes of a successful relationship is communication. That being said, it does not mean that a relationship cannot survive without communication. I am not referring solely to a husband and a wife discussing how to raise their children. It could be any conversation between any two or more people on any topic that could possibly be imagined. We all can relate (well at least I can) to being part of a conversation and what was being said was not necessarily was meant to be said or the message was not understood as intended. I do realize that this is part of life on a daily basis and probably could be the reason for so many unfortunate sets of circumstances that could have potentially been avoided. Also, people all too often do not want to “hear” what is being said for whatever reason because the message was delivered and communicated but the receiver just did not want to deal with the information and conveniently ignored the communication. That is a tough dilemma to deal with and sometimes can also result in a very difficult situation that could have been easily avoided.

So a simple example would be, “that is hot, do not touch”. The next thing you know a scream is heard and someone has a burned hand. Sounds simple right? Okay, something a little more complicated could be, “you need to spend less in retirement so you do not run out of money”. Now I have your attention. There is a huge difference between the two examples but both can be painful and in both cases the pain could be avoided. The “spend less in retirement” communication is not necessarily hard to communicate but is some cases it is hard to hear. I just use this as an example but replace any topic between two or more people and the communication process is essential for the relationship between those people to be successful.

Conversations around the dinner table with family and friends, discussions in staff meetings and agenda items with clients are very important to maintain to foster good relationships. Clarifying important topics is vital so there are no misunderstandings. I am never afraid or embarrassed to ask for clarification on a topic of conversation regardless if it is with Cathy, our kids, other family, friends and clients. I would rather be the proverbial safe than sorry. Of course this comes from an anal guy who likes things a certain way and that holds true with my communications of all types.

So if we are having a conversation and I ask for clarification on something, please do not be offended. I just want to be sure of what I say or do as a next step and would hope you would expect nothing less of me.  Maybe I just did not hear what you said. I certainly have been guilty of that many times.

Until our next communication ------- or the Next Tom’s Take…