Disney World As Adults

Paul Morrone |

Recently, I wrote about our daughter Kelly running in a half marathon throughout the Disney World theme parks. We not only went to support her but also took the opportunity to go back to Disney as adults. When our kids were young we made the family vacation to Orlando to experience the magical Disney World theme parks. Those were the days when you got up at the crack of dawn to get to the parks as soon as they opened to maximize how much you were able to see. Of course we chose to buy the hopper pass so we could visit multiple parks in the same day. By the end of the day you were not only exhausted but knew you had to get up early the next morning and do it all over again.

This trip was different because we were not dragging the kids around but went at a more casual pace. We slept to a reasonable time, enjoyed the buffet breakfast at the hotel and even had that second cup of coffee before boarding the shuttle bus to begin our magical day. We were there with our kids but now they were adults and we went our own ways and with cell phones we were always able to rendezvous at a given location for a cocktail or a meal.

We did two parks, Animal Kingdom and EPCOT. Both were fabulous but my favorite was walking around the world showcase within EPCOT and experiencing the different miniature countries as created by Disney. It was so captivating was when we got to Italy. We both were instantly transformed back in time to our anniversary trip to the real Italy. I had a glass of Chianti and Cathy had Prosecco. We just sat there and absorbed all the goodness of Italy that Disney had to offer. It was wonderful. We capped our evening with dinner in Mexico and as we finished our dinner the illuminations laser and fireworks show lit up the sky. 

Only at Disney.

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