Getting Into A New Groove

Paul Morrone |

By Thomas Morrone, CFP®, CPA

March 2020 has been like no other month in my lifetime and in the lifetimes of most, if not all people. The term social distancing was introduced to the general public by the nation’s leading health officials and was embraced to the fullest my most people. Drastic measures have been taken across the country and throughout the world regarding social distancing. In my opinion, those that leave the news station on all day and grab on to each morsel of information the media throws your way are the ones that may be the most stressed. Depending on which is your station of choice, the messages may be slanted based on political bias and economics versus the health and safety of the general population. Choose your information wisely as to content and volume. We do need to stay informed but do not need 12-14 hours a day of media bombardment. Like anything in life, practice moderation in media that you absorb. 

Understanding that social distancing requires staying at home as much as possible, the walls of our homes and each room within seem to be closing in on us. Let’s think about how lucky we are that the winter weather has been the mildest I can ever recall. Even though there is still a nip in the air, we can still go for a brisk walk to get some fresh air and stretch the legs. Buddy loves to go for walks, so it is business as usual for him and just one more reason to do just that, get outside. Every walk we take, we pass by neighbors and friends who are doing the same thing, getting some fresh air and experiencing a change in scenery. We talk to each other from opposite sides of the street to practice our newly acquired social distancing skills. We share with each other what we are doing to deal with the changes in our routines as life now dictates. A funny story or two seems to always be shared and it brings back that sense of normalcy for a few moments. It is calming and refreshing.

Kyle’s daycare facility has been closed so Cathy and I have been getting a lot of Kyle time. It is a lot of work but we love every minute of it. Talk about escaping reality. It is such a joy to see his smiling face when he comes in the door and he runs to give us each a big hug. We totally disregard social distancing with him. He quickly takes off his coat and settles into his own routine. There is no time to worry about anything other than what to do next with Kyle. Reading a book, reading another book, reading a book, again, playing with toys, coloring, playing with stickers, singing a song, peeling stickers off everything, changing diapers, snack and mealtime and oh yes, nap time. During his naps and when Kyle leaves, Cathy and I assume social distancing with each other. It is calming and refreshing.

The office day to day also reflects the new normal. No foot traffic, no face to face interactions, no conference room meetings. We are using our technology to its fullest, phone calls, Face time and emails are the mode of communication with clients. Everyone has fully embraced this shift in communication. We are always reviewing options to enhance our technology and analyzing communication alternatives to be used in the future. The business environment is ever changing. This is one more example of businesses being required to adapt quickly to respond to an unforeseen or unanticipated situation. Paul has done a remarkable job with this daunting task and I am appreciative for his guidance and initiative. I am sure our clients our appreciative as well.

One aspect of social distancing that I have thoroughly embraced is taking some time to decide which bottle of wine to open and enjoy with dinner. It is calming and refreshing. 

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