Golf, Love it or Hate it

Paul Morrone |

By Thomas Morrone, CFP®, CPA

Golf is one of those sports that you can either love or hate it. The emotions change with each swing of the club or stroke of the putter. For those golfers out there, you can fully understand what I mean. Full disclosure, I am an average golfer who can look like a pro on any given hole on a golf course. On that same course on the same day, different hole, I can look like a guy who picked up a golf club for the first time at that very moment. Which means in golf language, I can birdie any hole on any golf course at any given time (love it). I also can have a triple bogey on any golf course at the same time (hate it). Go figure! 

There are so many attributes to the game that I will not bore you with. One silly fact. It is the only sport played with a ball that the ball is not moving when you hit it or make a play with it. You get to choose your club. There is the opportunity to think about the distance, what obstacles are in the way such as water, sand, trees, wind direction, what lie you have, temperature, uphill, downhill, and other factors before you make your club selection. And when it comes to distance, there are so many different gadgets to help determine the distance to the flag. There are range finders, Garmin watches and countless Aps you can download to your phone. Gone are the days looking for the 100-, 150- & 200-yard markers in the middle of the fairway as the sole source for distance. There are the occasional sprinkler heads that have yardage on them as well. Those are all great when you are in the middle of the fairway and the standard yardage markers are readily viewable. When you are all over the golf course like me, it is harder to figure out those distances but there is always a way to figure it out the good old-fashioned way. There is a marker over there and my ball is over here so pace off the steps, do some math and presto, you have the yardage. One of my golfing friends has a range finder, Garmin watch and an Ap on his phone and uses all three when playing. I asked him which he prefers and relies upon. He said all three, because he needs all the help he can get. I did give in and purchased a range finder. It is helpful and takes the guess work out of the old-fashioned method.

Forget the ability to play the game for a minute or lack of ability in cases. There are so many aspects of golf that are wonderful. First, being outside, in a professionally landscaped setting, is relaxing and picturesque. Second, the comradery of the group can be a wonderful experience. I have met some of the nicest people on various golf courses over the years. I have golfed with people from all aspects of my life, high school, college, professional, family, neighbors, etc. that I have shared a round of golf with. At New Haven Country Club, there are 15-20 guys I can reach out to at any time and “get a game”. Everybody leaves their titles behind and for several hours, we are just golfing friends. Do not get me wrong, I have met some idiots over the years as well, but they are easy to avoid.

I will never be a scratch golfer and will never win the club championship. I will make new friendships and foster existing ones on the golf course. I will possibly make an eagle, birdies and pars. I will for sure make bogies and much worse. That is the game of golf. God willing, I will be able to experience the thrill of a hole in one. That achievement has eluded me thus far, but I am still on the hunt. The next best thing was witnessing Paul get a hole in one a couple of years ago. I was so happy for him! Now it is my turn. 

Off to the golf course! Life is Good.

Until the Next Tom’s Take…………….

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