A Time to Celebrate

Paul Morrone |

February is the perfect time to celebrate married love.  On the 27th of the month, my husband, Steve and I will be celebrating our 27th wedding anniversary.   Occasionally, I take out our wedding video to reminisce.  I enjoy the songs we selected, the exchange of our vows, and the presence and joyous expressions of all our loved ones who shared our special day.  As most married couples will admit, marriage isn’t easy.  And, Steve and I have had our share of ups and downs, but with God’s grace and an ongoing relationship with Jesus at the center of our married life…our love has endured all things.

We continuously work to overcome the challenges that face every married couple at either one time or another like:  disciplining the children, finances, family business relationships, illness, and sometimes tragedies.  Like Pope John Paul II, we believe that God who called us to marriage, continues to call us.  In order to honor this call, we have chosen to renew our vows periodically over the years and sometimes have even organized a few marriage renewals for more than thirty other couples.  This has helped to not only strengthen us in our journey, but we’d like to think it has helped other couples as well.

As we celebrate another year together, we ask God to bless all married couples with peace and happiness, and to make their love fruitful for His Glory both here and in eternity.