Tom's Take: 2017 In The Rear View Mirror

Paul Morrone |

By Thomas Morrone CFP®, CPA

There were so many different events that occurred in 2017 that it takes more than just a moment to gather my thoughts and put them all into perspective. Just in Washington alone there was enough activity to keep the journalists on their toes to keep up with the sweeping changes that seemed to generate daily “Breaking News”. There were constant clashes between the political parties regarding their fundamental differences on numerous issues from health insurance to tax reform. There were blockbuster corporate mergers and a bullish stock market that continues to reach all time highs. There was the Russia investigation and the shaping and reshaping of the Trump administration. Any one of these topics, and numerous other topics for that matter, would provide more than enough information to write about for days.

Washington was not the only place that generated events that were noteworthy. Allegations of sexual misconduct also plagued the entertainment, communications and journalism environments. There was a buzz around cryptocurrencies and the Amazon acquisitions of just about everything including Whole Foods. The Walt Disney Company acquired 21st Century Fox for $52.4 billion in one of the largest deals the entertainment industry has ever seen. Then we had natural disasters. There were several hurricanes that ravaged the Caribbean Islands and southern Florida including the Keys that devastated the electrical infrastructure, roadways and bridges in numerous places. There were the wildfires that ravaged tens of thousands of acres throughout California. Entire towns were incinerated, and the Napa and Sonoma wine regions were charred leaving generations of wine producing vineyards in ashes. Countless families, businesses and communities are faced with years of rebuilding.

On a more personal level, our daughter’s wedding in November was the pinnacle for our family in 2017. The details for the shower and wedding were baffling but all went off without any issues whatsoever. Congratulations once again to Kelly and David. The weather was very cooperative which was a blessing into itself. Kelly was promoted (again) and continues to climb the corporate ladder. Paul had a busy year as well. Paul celebrated his 30th birthday, his second wedding anniversary with Jill and had his sixth anniversary of joining the family business. Cathy and I love our new home in Branford. October 28th marked one year living there and we look forward to years together, God willing, enjoying the area.

Each year it seems that we all continue to lose loved ones and this year was no different. There were also some births to attempt to keep the world in balance. I find that looking back on the year makes me have even a greater appreciation for this thing we call life. It is a journey with numerous twists and turns and very little of it is in our control even though we like to think we can alter the outcome. Certainly, there are actions that we can take that do matter but sometimes it is what it is.

As we begin 2018, I wish you all the best in your journey of life with your family and friends and hope you enjoyed my feeble attempt to recount 2017 through my prism.

Until the Next Tom’s Take…