US Wealth Management Merger Announcement

Paul Morrone |

As you know, our affiliation with US Wealth Management has persisted for over two decades – and remains strong to this day. When Tom started in the independent wealth management business back in 2000, the team at US Wealth was integral in shaping the business that exists today. While most reading this have only dealt directly with us here in North Haven, we have been incredibly fortunate to have benefited from the experience and expertise of the talented leadership team, operations associates and investment managers that support our local office in more ways than you can imagine.

The US Wealth Management brand has grown over the years, and we have benefited from many of the changes that were necessary to effectively scale the organization. While many of these changes could be viewed as ‘back office’ type updates, they have allowed us to better serve the needs of our clients through advances in technology, innovation, education and investment solutions. As with any organization that experiences growth, there reaches a point at which it may be more efficient to leverage the size, scale and infrastructure of a larger organization with similar values. That is where we find ourselves today.

The small and close-knit group of US Wealth Management owners has sought to reposition our legal entities to another firm. We are excited to inform you that as of March 1st, we will be combining the largest of our companies, U. S. Financial Advisors, a SEC Registered Investment Advisor, with Great Valley Advisor Group, Inc. (“GVA”), a Pennsylvania-based asset management firm with approximately $3 Billion in regulatory assets under management. This transition is taking place with literally no changes for our clients, their accounts, or our team. Our phone numbers, emails, team members and services will all remain the same.

According to SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission) rules, all clients will be notified of this transition with a Negative Consent Letter this week. This letter serves to alert you of the ownership change of the Registered Investment Advisor organization, US Financial Advisors. We wanted to proactively provide you with the information of the change on our own, but it cannot replace the Negative Consent Letter from being mailed out. 

If you have questions after reviewing this communication or after receiving the negative consent letter, please give us a call.

We are excited to be supported by a strong organization under the Great Valley Advisors umbrella and feel they can only enhance our capabilities to support you by tailoring strategies to manage your financial future. We feel confident the new organizational structure will truly complement and support our team to elevate your experience with us.


Tom and Paul Morrone