Where Is My Cell Phone?

Paul Morrone |

By Tom Morrone, CFP ®, CPA

I think it is fair to say that most people at one time or another have misplaced their cell phone and have uttered the phrase "where is my cell phone?" The next series of events usually includes retracing your steps and thinking of the most logical place where your cell phone would be.

If unable to then find your phone another step is to call your number and hopefully even though it cannot be seen, it could be heard. That usually ends the mystery and the order of balance in the world is then restored. Sometimes, it is very obvious where your phone is even though the reality is you do not want to admit to yourself where the location is. This is exactly what happened to me recently and I can assure you the feeling at that split moment of realization is ugly.

Cathy and I were driving to the airport in FL where Cathy was dropping me off so I can make a trip back to CT for business. Cathy was staying behind with Buddy and I was returning back to FL in a week. To split the driving, I drove to the airport, I would get out and Cathy would take over the helm after I got out at the airport. This is a ritual that we have done numerous times and it was not our first rodeo so to speak. This time was different.

I pretty much always carry my phone in my back right pocket. Call me crazy but it seems to balance me out because my wallet is always in my back left pocket. As I walked into the terminal I checked the departure screen for my flight. At the same time, I reached to my back right pocket for my phone to verify my boarding pass was displaying the correct information. Then the dreaded phrase, "where is my cell phone"? In that split second I knew exactly where it was. It was in the center console of the vehicle that Cathy was driving back to our condo. Normally this would not be a big deal but I was going to CT for 6 days without my phone. Yow! I know this is not really a big deal but I kind of freaked out a bit. I immediately saw a woman in the terminal just ending a call on her cell and told her what happened and could I please use her phone to call my wife. I gave her Cathy's number which she dialed and handed me her phone. Cathy answered and I told her what happened and she needed to come back to the airport and bring me my phone,,,,please, pretty please. About ten minutes later up pulls Cathy, rolls down the window and she hands me my phone.

Thank you again Cathy for coming to my rescue. Next time, I will most definitely check my back right pocket...sooner.