The Planner's Perspective: It's Not Always About Hitting A Home Run

The average investor has one simple goal – grow the value of the dollars they invest so they are worth more in the future than they are today. While the objective may be simple, the overwhelming amount of information available to individuals can be paralyzing. Furthermore, technology has enabled access to a multitude of investment products and services, many of which may be unsuitable or downright detrimental to the person purchasing them. It’s the main reason professionals have a job and reinforces the need for consistency between your investment plan and overall financial plan.
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The Planner's Perspective: Nervous Investors Have Options, Too

With a recent spike in volatility at the end of 2018 and again in mid-2019, investors may be asking what alternatives are available to complement the securities in their portfolios. Concerns may range from political uncertainty, to valuations, to volatility or a trade war, and it’s not uncommon for there to be many moments in history when investors decide to hit the pause button. Any advisor with a long-term investment philosophy will tell you to tune out the noise and let your money work for you in the market.
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